• Is Euro is setting a global trend?

    Yellen’s speech is likely going to pay attention to the inflation halt, external market risks, as well as the White House turmoil. This all calls the promised fiscal stimulus into question.

  • Are the EUR/USD corrections on their way?

    Today the report on PMI activity in Germany and the Eurozone turned out to be worse than expected. Coupled with the sluggish inflation dynamics in the Euro zone and a rather illogical rise after the ECB meeting, this all suggests that the European currency is overvalued and is waiting for corrections.

  • The perspective on EUR/USD!

    Let’s discuss the most interesting selling and buying options what are happening in the beginning of this week.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Keep an eye on the important developments that will happen on the market next week.

  • Scepticism is spreading on the Oil market

    The meeting of the Monitoring Committee will be held in St.Petersburg on Monday. Investors will carefully monitor possible Saudi Arabia’s announcements, which may have to reduce the supply by another 1 million barrels.

  • Gold takes a step forward

    The Dollar is falling, as Mario Draghi is giving a hawkish market rhetoric, even though ECB is playing their cards close to their chest.

  • Japan leaves the cash pipe open

    The European Central Bank left key points of their policy unchanged. Investors are waiting for Mario Draghi to answer an exciting question: Is ECB taking account that the European economy is ready for a tightening?

  • What is the best move with AUD/USD?

    The AUD/USD is moving rapidly, so let´s take a look at the best trading options with this currency as well as Gold.

  • What state is the Oil market in?

    According to the forecast of EIA, shale production in August will increase by about 100K barrels. Comparing the production dynamics in the US and the OPEC countries with unlimited production, the latter significantly contribute to the glut of the market.

  • How much has inflation hit the UK household spending?

    The Pound is declining as the probability of a rate hike is decreasing, after a weaker than expected rise in inflation. The key indicator has decreased to 2.6% with a forecast of 2.9%.

  • Should you be careful with the Euro?

    It seems that the RBA does not seem eye to eye with the market on the monetary support. Investors are likely to “sell” the Central Bank rate increase at the next meeting. At the same time the AUD/USD continues to conquer the peaks.

  • The USD/JPY roller coaster!

    Will the USD/JPY pair go up or down? We will go over two main scenarios regarding the currency.

  • When will the oil market recover?

    The International Energy Agency was optimistic about global growth but said that stockpiles don’t appear to be reducing as quickly as expected, as increasing OPEC production hinders the rebalancing process.

  • Will GBPUSD go up?

    Read on to find out interesting buying signals about the GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs.

  • Markets await Janet Yellen’s Speech

    The dollar gained momentum before Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies to Congress on Wednesday and Thursday.