• Will the POTUS ruin the financial economy of the country?

    The President announced the closure of the Industrial Production Council, as well as the forum on Strategy and Policy, in addition, it was decided that the formation of the Advisory Council on Infrastructure will be stopped.

  • Trump’s investment rate is threatened

    Among other threats the market anxiety rose with the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​which killed 13 people and injured about 100. It was done in a similar method as the terrorist attack in France earlier this year.

  • Draghi wants markets to settle down

    Correction of the EUR/USD pair has already overcome the 1.17 mark and is actively looking for  a catalysts for its development. One of them was the protocol of the ECB June meeting.

  • Euro is running out of momentum

    Why doesn’t Draghi immediately understand that it is too early to talk about changing  the rhetoric? Perhaps the investors attempts to take positions on the Euro, at the very beginning of the long-awaited reversal, made them go too far in the race.

  • The Pound took a punch

    Pound sterling fell sharply after the consumer inflation report came out. The push to restore the GBP logically slowed the consumer prices growth down, which pushed back the BoE credit conditions tightening.

  • Global market relief may be short lived

    The unpredictability the North Korean leader remains the main risk factor and this will be reminded to us through out the medium term outlook. of the decisions of the North Korean leader remains a risk factor that can repeatedly remind itself of itself in the medium term.

  • Crucial market-moving events of the upcoming week

    Take a look at the key economic events of next week.

  • VIX index made an historic surge

    Tensions are high as the VIX soars 44% in one session on Trump´s threats. The US stock markets showed the strongest decline in three months due to fears of a military conflict on the Korean peninsula.

  • July CPI – the finishing touch to the defeat of the Dollar

    The monthly change in the CPI was 0.1% with a forecast of 0.2%, which completely drove the market sentiment into a general disheartening. There are also “clouds” gathering around the possible December increase.

  • Are the disappointing statistics the end of the USD leadership?

    European and Asian indices are trading in a negative territory due to the USA and North Korea escalated tension. The main beneficiaries of this situation are defensive assets, including the Yen, the Swiss franc, and Gold.

  • What’s wrong with the Phillips curve in the US economy?

    One of the strengths of the July NFP was primarily the increase in wages by 0.3%. Given the high consumer expectations, the increase will give hope for growth in the July consumption, and thus will provide inflation improvement.

  • Saudi Arabia reminds OPEC is a “team game”

    The second week of August is characterised by a rather sluggish start as the economic calendar is relatively boring and most of the sensitive data have already found their way to the market.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Find out key events that are likely to move the markets in the upcoming week.

  • U.S. job market continues upward trend

    The US economy saw strong jobs growth in July, keeping the possibility of a December rate rise alive.

  • Struggling Dollar seeks relief in anticipation of NFP report

    The greenback has been on the back foot through the week and is waiting for direction from U.S. job report.