• UK Elections – a hit or miss?

    The leader of the independent UK is not clear even after the vote, investors will closely follow the news about the possible formation of coalitions in the parliament, as the two leading parties will seek support from smaller political forces to form a majority.

  • Pessimism on the Oil market is growing

    Oil prices resumed their declines after a 5% drop on Wednesday, as the EIA reported an increase in the commercial inventories of the US. Meanwhile, the ECB keeps the rates unchanged.

  • Aussie soars on upbeat GDP data

    The GDP of Australia rose 0.3% in the first quarter, in line with the forecasts. The country took the lead from the Netherlands for the longest period of continuous economic growth.

  • EBC is seeing the EUR in a new light

    After Trump’s elections, the political factors seems to have outweighed the FED. If you carefully consider the investors’ reflation rate, which caused an unprecedented increase in the American assets, it seems that the Keynesian theory is taking place.

  • The Arabian Peninsula is hit by the geopolitical crisis

    Unexpectedly increased geopolitical tensions has again become the main focus of investor attention. Four countries in the Middle East region – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt severed diplomatic ties and also ceased air and sea traffic with Qatar.

  • API reserves bring optimism to the markets

    Yesterday’s drop in the Oil price can also be regarded as a speculative manoeuvre, through which market participants are trying to find a stable ground for growth

  • The US economy finds no support in FED

    Is the US economy going through a rough patch or is the growth rate really beginning to slow down? These speculations have taken the market by storm, thus lowering Dollar´s former optimism.

  • The dynamics of the Euro

    The pair EUR/USD remains fairly bullish, as the Dollar is in low demand. The uncertainty surrounding Trump´s stimulus plan has brought the currency to a tumble. Same time BoJ can finally talk about raising the inflationary expectations.

  • The Pound is growing ahead of the parliamentary elections

    The market is currently in a reduced liquidity, but still the Dollar trades without losses, even though the trading in Great Britain, USA and China is closed due to the national holidays.

  • Overview of the next weeks market events

    Be ready for the changes on the market next week. Take a look at our overview of the economic events that will happen in the upcoming week.

  • FED´s decioins will not be depended on Trump

    Tax reform and Trump’s fiscal plan won´t have barely any effect on the economy in the short term, or in the long run for that matter.

  • Markets are not thrilled with OPEC decision

    The OPEC decision did not make the investors happy, as the markets lost all optimism. The Pound is falling, as things are becoming more precise about the June elections.

  • The Pound is affected by the political risks

    GDP data is showing that the British economy is currently far from positive, but surprisingly the Pound remains fairly stable ahead of parliamentary elections. The FED’s meeting showed a growth slowdown in the first quarter, but it does not make the market cautious.

  • More loans, less market confidence

    Moody’s Investors Service downgrades the credit rating of the Chinese economy. According to the agency, even with the implementation of structural reforms by the Chinese authorities, pursuing the official economic targets will inevitably inflate the public debt in the medium term.

  • The attack in Manchester shook the UK economy

    The attack in Manchester suppresses the global appetite for risk and shot the Pound to a short-term decline. Meanwhile, Trump has plans with the American Oil industry, which might hinder the plans of OPEC.