• Trump´s poll numbers are declining

    The opposition to the tax reform bill might get blocked by the Congress, as Trumps support is showing signs of weakness.

  • Saudi Arabian political tension keeps prices elevated

    Oil prices have slowed their growth to the next level of the resistance, as the political turmoil in Saudi Arabia continues to serve as a powerful signal. This helps the markets strengthen the prospects of reducing the global supply of raw materials.

  • Dollar froze ahead of the tax reforms

    The drop with Dollar is likely limited, because of the uncertainty regarding the tax plans. Regardless, the Bond markets seem to be giving up.

  • Key economic takeaways for the upcoming week

    Take a look at what the financial markets might have in store for you next week!

  • Bitcoin gets official recognition

    The Bitcoin rate jumped after the largest US stock exchange of derivatives CME announced plans to introduce bitcoin into trading and now is waiting for the regulators’ approval.

  • Powell takes the lead on FED

    The Dollar´s growth is declining, as Trump´s choice reflects the overall growth confidence, with the bet on the safest candidate.

  • Some insight on NFP and FED meeting

    After all the natural disasters happening, it became clear that the US economic picture in the medium term is distorted and blurred. Which shows that the principle of “data-dependence” in FED’s policy will not be relevant.

  • The US economy is ready for a strong NFP report

    The dollar took an offensive position on Wednesday, as investors waited for bullish comments from the FED. Meanwhile the New Zealand Dollar has been saved by a strong labor market report.

  • The White House investigation is taking headlines

    “The hunt for Russians” has long been a pain for the US currency, as from time to time it´s coming back to life. This time the investigators reached lobbyist Paul Manafort.

  • The Dollar is waiting a rally this week

    The friction between the Spanish government and Catalonia somewhat weakened, but the Euro is still under pressure due to the excellent American economy statistics.

  • Markets events of next week

    Take a look at what the financial markets might have in store for you next week!

  • Is OPEC seeing problems with Brazil?

    In the move to unfreeze oil-related projects Brazil is supposed to hold an auction for eight subsalt blocks, which reserves are estimated at more than 12 billion barrels.

  • Will Brent reach new heights next week?

    The WTI barrel fixes it´s losses on Friday, while increase in the US production is holding back prices.

  • Will Draghi choose the cautions approach?

    The Central Bank plans to announce an asset purchase program cut at today’s meeting and any deviation from the most likely scenario (€ 30bn, 9 months) could potentially cause volatility in the markets, particularly affecting the European currency and German bonds.

  • Will Yellen remain in the office?

    Dollar remains stable around a three-week high, it looks particularly confident against the Japanese Yen, as the currency is fueled by rumors surrounding the appointment with the FED economist John Taylor.