• Keep a finger on the market pulse!

    Here is a list of important economic events that you should keep an eye on!

  • US refineries expect cut in earnings as gasoline stockpiles are record high EIA shows

    Oil companies can go on more drastic measures to preserve margins and reduce reserves.

  • Europe is in a slow but steady decline?

    The decline of the economic activity in the Eurozone seems to be slowing it’s pace, but it is too early to cheer as the preliminary data showed, how the activity is still on the worst level of the last one and a half years.

  • The ECB left rates untouched in the fright of post-Brexit havoc

    The economic world is waiting for Mario Dragn’s speech to get a clue of how dangerous Brexit is for the ECB.

  • One currency to rule them all

    The Dollar is showing tremendous growth as it hikes to a four-month peak against all other major currencies.

  • USD has reached a safe haven as the GBP and AUD future seems gloomy

    All GBP hopes seem to slowly die out as traders suspect that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will run down the ideas of the UKs growth after leaving the European Union bloc.

  • Weale denies possible rate cuts as Carney says the risks are “crystalizing”

    In contrast to the 2008 turmoil Weale does not see panic rising in the financial markets.

  • Expectations are not met, but the annual core CPI increased slightly

    The US Consumer price index (CPI) did not meet its forecasts, as consumer price inflation (excluding food and energy) was tallied by the estimates.

  • More deaths in France bring the European tourism sector to a sharp drop.

    Shares of different leisure and tourism companies, as well as, air carriers suffered the worst selloff, which was caused by the attack.

  • FED will hit the target rate of 2% by 2017

    Robert Kaplan expects slow economic growth in the United States and other developing countries.

  • Problems in the Asian market continue?

    Shinzo Abe retained political power for the conservative party.

  • JPY weakens on Abe’s new easing program, GBP surges as Cameron resigns

    The GBP also saw speculative pressure ahead of the BoE decision on Thursday.

  • US Dollar surges on strong NFP, Japanese Yen sinks on Japanese intervention concerns

    Sindzo Abe’s ruling party could have a bearish impact on the national currency.

  • Important economic events for the coming week

    Things to look out for in the upcoming week.

  • Oil prices retreat after sharp selloff, greenback is under pressure ahead of NFP

    US Oil has dropped below $45 at its lowest point since May 11.