• It’s time to sell kiwi!

    As for New Zealand dollar, we have a broken ascending channel, which has been already tested once by a currency pair.

  • USD is steadily heading North!

    There is now only one option, which is to sell Euro at the current price at 1.0605

  • Let’s look into the future of the Forex market!

    Here are the 5 currencies to look out for in 2017!

  • A twist with the WTI

    We have an interesting thing going on with WTI: the price touched the broken level of 52.50 and pulled back from it.

  • Is WTI about to conquer new peaks?

    USD/JPY has formed a white candlestick, which goes well with Christmas time, while Oil broke the resistance formed by OPEC.

  • Tame response to the FED rate hike

    Market’s response was quite predictable, and rather tame for that matter. It would have been more interesting to see what would have happened, if FED had not raised the rate.

  • Days following the Vienna meeting!

    The oil exporting OPEC and non-OPEC countries had a meeting in Vienna on the 11th December.

  • Prepare for the ECB meeting outcome!

    As the tradition holds then the ECB meeting should take place tomorrow. Everyone is waiting for only one thing to happen, that is, for the QE program to continue.

  • Italian referendum changing the EUR!

    The Italian constitutional referendum took place on Sunday. As the focus was on the constitutional changes then it seems that the Italian political structure will be radically altered.

  • Time is ripe to sell the Kiwi!

    To sell the Kiwi with the current strategy is quite ambitious, but it can be accomplished. If not try buying the AUS200.

  • Oil charts are signifying a drop

    The manufacturing countries will be proposed to reduce the production output by 600 thousand barrels per day. Of course, it can boost the Oil rates on Monday.

  • The US Dollar keeps conquering!

    We should consider the scenario where the instrument starts forming candlestick patterns in the 4-hour time frame.

  • U.S. Dollar index is signalling a deep fall of the EUR/USD!

    The monetary policies on the both sides of the Pond come quite apparent as, there are upcoming elections in EU, which will take place 2017. This along with the fall of Gold, Euro/Dollar and commodity currencies is defining the direction where Oil will move.

  • The Perspectives of EUR/USD!

    There are many different options what to do with Euro in the next couple of days. Make the right choice to gain!

  • AUD ahead of NZD!

    The week is starting off with the Kiwi approaching the ascending channel and the Aussie far ahead of the neighbouring Kiwi.