• EUR/USD is at a turning point!

    EUR/USD When it comes to the Euro, then we have touched the ascending channel on the daily chart: It is now wise to look at the 4-hour chart and check whether the candlestick patterns are going to pull back from the trendline. Another scenario would be breaking the uptrend and going down even further. This […]

  • USD/JPY at strong resistance level

    The U.S. dollar index has broken the weekly flat, got back to the broken upper boundary and pulled back away from it.

  • Kiwi is ripe to be sold on the market

    We should buy the Australian index AUS200 in the next few days, as well as Kiwi being ripe for sales.

  • The ascending of the indices

    We have a very similar strategy for two indices this time that is very rare. Same time GBP is trading rather flat and we want to give you an advantage!

  • Nonfarms are coming

    We think the labour market shall not surprise us this Friday.

  • The market is waiting for the UK referendum results

    The polls turn up conflicting results each day.

  • EUR/USD has issues, nonfarms are coming

    The first Friday of the month is here and we are in anticipation of the market labour data.

  • AUS200 review

    AUS200 has formed a dodji and a mallet, which have pressed against the ascending channel and the broken symmetrical triangle.

  • Crude Oil is looking to charge $ 50 per barrel

    With WTI we have breached the shoulder and the double bottom lines, as well as the daily descending channel.

  • STOXX50 and AUS200 are ready to grow

    We are waiting for USD/RUB to continue falling.

  • EUR/USD is ready to rally

    The Euro has returned to the previously broken daily ascending channel.