• Financial markets roiled in the aftermath of Trump’s election victory

    The victory of the Republican candidate has revealed important details about the nation’s sentiments – the feeling that business and political elite has left them alone.

  • Oil rises despite the strengthening Dollar

    Markets surge as the FBI halts Clinton probe, making the dollar rise.

  • US Elections Vs. Financial Markets

    We are positive that the macroeconomics is going to pull back in the financial markets before the new President is chosen. During this time politics is going to take all the attention.

  • Important economic events for the coming week:

    Find the key market developments of the week.

  • Skepticism about OPEC agreement rises

    Ex-oil minister of Saudi Arabia says output cut should be a united caused. Staying skeptical about the OPEC November agreement, as crude oil is near a one-month low.

  • The effect of the US elections on financial markets

    Market analysts have mixed views on the economic plans of Clinton and Trump. Election campaigns of both candidates in the 2016 US presidential race herald a lot of fundamental changes and social reforms that are highly anticipated by many Americans.

  • The Dollar remains steady in the market advances!

    Dollar is steady ahead of the NFP and even the Pound has risen to a one-month high, as pessimism over Brexit subdued.

  • Gold plunges after a day of rallying

    Gold plunges after a day of rallying as the market sentiments are in a heavy dissent, Pound soars on Supreme Court decision and BoE.

  • Pound under selling pressure

    The British pound is under high selling pressure

  • Bears take over as Trump pulls ahead!

    Advance of the republican candidate bearish sentiments soar, meanwhile the Oil rout persists as OPEC outcome is unclear.

  • The RBA and BoJ stand pat

    The Japanese currency saw a muted response to the BOJ decision as the Australian Dollar surged on the RBA decision to hold off a rate change.

  • The Chinese shares drop as the commodities plunge

    Investors were rattled on Friday as the information surged that FBI resumes the probe of Hillary Clinton ten days prior to the US election after the leak of her emails were released.

  • USD/RUB is gathering strength!

    According to the COT CFTC reports, Ruble purchases in a larger scope have reached its historical maximum, while hedgers managed to do four times the sales with the Russian currency.

  • Important economic events for the coming week

    See all the important events and releases that affect the forex market, so you could be timely and earn the biggest gains.

  • Chinese economy seems to slowly pick-up

    Chinese stocks closed lower than expected, but this was a growth from previous weeks. At the same time, we can see that the financial sector posted the biggest gains.