• EUR/USD bearish after the release of the FOMC Minutes

    Again the US economy is without another rate hike.

  • Is a rate hike in September really possible?

    The New Zealand Dollar fell sharply against its American peer as the US Dollar is still recovering from a heavy selloff.

  • Is the Brexit impact to the economy a myth?

    The new data soothed the worries about the adverse impact of Brexit on the UKs economy.

  • The oil price is exceeding the markets expectations

    The oil prices climb to a three-week high as, which is now reaching almost 10%. Even though the gain is visible then experts are looking for balance.

  • AUD on downward trajectory

    The Australian currency (AUD) jumped off the 3rd point of the weekly descending channel.

  • Glimpse to the upcoming week

    Get a glimpse of the upcoming economic development for the week.

  • The Japanese stocks surge to a two-month high

    As the Japanese were celebrating the US took over the stock market reaching record highs.

  • China is under pressure as economy halts.

    The Chinese economy tries to become a lot more independent, but it adds a lot of pressure to the market. Growth has been on a standstill multiple quarters now.

  • Gold erased previous gains as Oil demand left the red zone

    Brent left the red zone completely as the gasoline reserves shrank noticeably. Gold erased gains as the stimulus from New Zealand allows the investors to boost their positions in risk assets while cutting the wages with gold

  • Another rate bites the dust

    Everything changes in the market in a matter of hours. Today already the US Dollar declines against its major peers as lacklustre Non-Farm Productivity fell the third quarter in a row.

  • Rouble, head to North already!

    The Rouble can’t beat the current as it is being dragged down to the deep end. It is “moving” around on a wide range, but what are options considering?

  • The Dollar looks upbeat as the Pound struggles

    The Friday payrolls data showed robust growth of the labour market in the US, which helps the local economy to regain confidence.

  • Oil prices soar as the risk appetite grows

    According to the Baker Hughes report, the number of oil rigs in the US increased for the sixth week in a row, rekindling concerns of US Oil producers about the global surplus. Experts are afraid that the risks may collapse the market segment.

  • ADP shows positive changes in US labor market, NFP is in limelight

    All the estimates seem to be slightly behind the forecasts as the results are slowly coming in.

  • BoE predicts a dark future for the UK economy

    The indicators in the UK have all fallen sharply, in most cases to levels last seen in the financial crisis, and in some cases even to all-time lows.