• The Pound took a punch

    Pound sterling fell sharply after the consumer inflation report came out. The push to restore the GBP logically slowed the consumer prices growth down, which pushed back the BoE credit conditions tightening.

  • Will EUR/USD make a U-turn?

    We discuss the possibiliies of EUR/USD decline, as well as XAU/USD is not far behind with similar patterns.

  • Where is the EUR/GBP heading?

    The EUR/GBP is forming a reverse candlestick pattern, so we are discussing the possible scenarios regarding this development. As well as, taking a look towards the USD/CAD.

  • Saudi Arabia reminds OPEC is a “team game”

    The second week of August is characterised by a rather sluggish start as the economic calendar is relatively boring and most of the sensitive data have already found their way to the market.

  • The Australian dollar gains as RBA holds interest rates unchanged

    The Reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged at a record low 1.5% on Tuesday, stressing the potential impact of a stronger Australian dollar on the interest rates policy, while data showed that economic growth in the eurozone continued to expand in Q2.

  • Aussie soars on upbeat GDP data

    The GDP of Australia rose 0.3% in the first quarter, in line with the forecasts. The country took the lead from the Netherlands for the longest period of continuous economic growth.

  • What’s wrong with the Phillips curve in the US economy?

    One of the strengths of the July NFP was primarily the increase in wages by 0.3%. Given the high consumer expectations, the increase will give hope for growth in the July consumption, and thus will provide inflation improvement.

  • Sterling confused ahead of the BoE’s August policy meeting

    The British pound remained on the defensive, anticipating positive rhetoric from Mark Carney at a propensity for savings meeting of the Bank of England on August 3rd. Fears of unrestrained growth in inflation due to the pound’s devaluation were refuted, after data on June’s consumer prices showed the first slowdown in a few months. Inflation […]

  • Are the disappointing statistics the end of the USD leadership?

    European and Asian indices are trading in a negative territory due to the USA and North Korea escalated tension. The main beneficiaries of this situation are defensive assets, including the Yen, the Swiss franc, and Gold.

  • What is the Russian Ruble up to?

    We discuss some ideas regarding Russian ruble and analyze the bullish position in relation to the USD/CAD.

  • Did EUR/USD form a bullish trap?

    We discuss the possible bullish trap that could form with EUR/USD and GBP/USD, and the situations in which the USD/CAD could go down.

  • Where is EUR/USD heading next?

    We discuss the reversal of the single currency and the reasons to consider AUD/USD in terms of a short-term advance.

  • Bitcoin – A resilient trading instrument in your portfolio

    Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is completely independent from any central authority like government or central bank or middlemen.

  • Where is EUR/USD heading to?

    We discuss the possible point that the EUR/USD could go down from, and the direction the Japanese Yen is going to head.

  • Struggling Dollar seeks relief in anticipation of NFP report

    The greenback has been on the back foot through the week and is waiting for direction from U.S. job report.