• Are the disappointing statistics the end of the USD leadership?

    European and Asian indices are trading in a negative territory due to the USA and North Korea escalated tension. The main beneficiaries of this situation are defensive assets, including the Yen, the Swiss franc, and Gold.

  • Euro is running out of momentum

    Why doesn’t Draghi immediately understand that it is too early to talk about changing  the rhetoric? Perhaps the investors attempts to take positions on the Euro, at the very beginning of the long-awaited reversal, made them go too far in the race.

  • Aussie soars on upbeat GDP data

    The GDP of Australia rose 0.3% in the first quarter, in line with the forecasts. The country took the lead from the Netherlands for the longest period of continuous economic growth.

  • Struggling Dollar seeks relief in anticipation of NFP report

    The greenback has been on the back foot through the week and is waiting for direction from U.S. job report.

  • Where is the EUR/GBP heading?

    The EUR/GBP is forming a reverse candlestick pattern, so we are discussing the possible scenarios regarding this development. As well as, taking a look towards the USD/CAD.

  • Will the dollar recover in the wake of economic data?

    The U.S. dollar is still getting dumped following a long losing streak and is looking to rebound on positive economic data including the ADP and NFP report.

  • What is happening with WTI, AUD/USD and USD/JPY?

    We discuss interesting signals that are coming from two major instruments as well as Oil.

  • What happened to the two majors?

    The common currency jumped more than one percent after Draghi’s speech at the ECB forum, which strengthened some expectations.

  • How Would Changes In Leverage Impact FX Brokers

    The moment a broker lowers significantly the maximum allowed leverage is the moment it loses some of its clients and the clients who remain will trade less volume because they are able to open smaller positions.

  • Oil extended last week’s rally: dollar on the back foot

    Oil priced advanced on Saudi Arabia’s promise to trim production by 1M barrels, with investors flirting with $50 a barrel again. The greenback remained vulnerable on data showing that while the economic growth picked up in the second quarter, wage growth and inflation remained sluggish.

  • GBP/USD signifies the chance of a large-scale drop!

    We discuss the GBP/USD pair that has approached very strong levels. We also viewed Gold and provided some insights to where it might be heading.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Keep an eye on the important developments that will happen on the market next week.

  • Will GBPUSD go up?

    Read on to find out interesting buying signals about the GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs.

  • There are dark clouds over GBP/USD!

    We ponder what is going to happen with silver and whether it is a right time to sell GBP/USD.

  • The markets are taking a hit with the North Korean situation

    The threat of a military confrontation on the Korean peninsula has provoked a rise of risk on the world market. Stock markets of Europe and Asia went deep into the red zone.