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  • Is China losing it´s credibility?

    The US rating agency S&P has improved it´s forecast for the Chinese economy, despite a drop in the credit rating in September. According to the report, the growth of the national debt will decrease over the next five years.

  • Is Trump pushing the budget deficit boundaries?

    On Wednesday, Trump presented a bill in which he proposed significant tax breaks for both individuals and legal entities. The reform implies a reduction in income and corporate taxes, as well as the abolition of certain tax benefits.

  • Will EUR/USD make a U-turn?

    We discuss the possibiliies of EUR/USD decline, as well as XAU/USD is not far behind with similar patterns.

  • Where will this ultra-right weekend lead?

    The Euro gave the initiative to Dollar on Monday, as the growth of support for the ultra-right in the German elections complicated taking control over the parliament for the Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Take a look what the next week on the financial markets might have in store for you!

  • Markets demand stability

    Japan, the only country which would be affected by the possible nuclear explosion, if anything were to happen in North-Korea, said that such a threat “is completely unacceptable.”

  • Is Kim Jong-un planning another launch?

    USD/JPY lost half a percent in the Friday trading session after Kim Jong-un threatened to conduct a nuclear test again, in response to Trump’s statement to destroy North Korea.

  • Did FED play the Dollar?

    The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at a meeting on Wednesday, but admitted that there will be a third increase in December, despite the inflation problems in the US.

  • XAU/USD is going down while EUR/GBP is heading up

    We discuss the reasons for the Gold to keep going down and the possible direction of the pair EUR/GBP going up.

  • Is the business sentiments falling in Asia?

    The rising inflation in the UK forced consumers into spending more than average. Meanwhile, the Business confidense was declining in the Asian region.

  • Is there a deficit of US refineries?

    The rise of gasoline prices is falling short as a result of Hurricane Harvey formed an attractive margin for the US refineries. The situation did not fail to take advantage of the largest Oil refinery – Motive Enterprises

  • How Would Changes In Leverage Impact FX Brokers

    The moment a broker lowers significantly the maximum allowed leverage is the moment it loses some of its clients and the clients who remain will trade less volume because they are able to open smaller positions.

  • Does the Dollar have anywhere to grow?

    The inflation growth is happening due to the devaluation of the dollar over the past few months. This helped the US currency spend a week in the positive area, but the situation with the primary drivers of growth were disappointing.

  • GBP/USD signifies the chance of a large-scale drop!

    We discuss the GBP/USD pair that has approached very strong levels. We also viewed Gold and provided some insights to where it might be heading.

  • Key economic events in the upcoming week

    Find out what the new week has in store for the markets.