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  • Have bears crashed the oil price?

    Investors were well aware of the shale producers plans to increase production, but yesterday’s statistics took everyone by surprise.

  • Is oil about to go down?

    Oil have moved up and down and the other way around, so we ponder over where the asset will finally end up.

  • BTCUSD testing major resistance, prepare for a potential drop!

    BTCUSD is back to testing our major resistance at 8057 (shorter term descending resistance, horizontal pullback resistance, Fibonacci retracement) and a reaction could occur from this level to drive prices down to 5763 support (Fibonacci extension, horizontal swing low support). RSI (34) sees a long term descending resistance line hold price down really well and […]

  • LTCUSD has reacted nicely from our descending resistance, keep an eye out!

    LTCUSD has risen to our long term descending resistance line, tested it and started to react nicely off it. The overall momentum remains bearish and our first major resistance is at 149.41 (Fibonacci retracement, horizontal overlap resistance, Fibonacci extension, descending resistance) where further bearish momentum could drive price down to at least 108.41 support (Fibonacci […]

  • GBPUSD has formed a double top reversal, watch for the drop!

    GBPUSD has formed a double top reversal and is starting to drop nicely after breaking our major support-turned-resistance level at 1.3992 (Fibonacci retracement, horizontal overlap resistance, breakout level) where further bearish momentum could be expected to drive price down to major support at 1.3632 (Fibonacci extension, double top exit potential, horizontal pullback support). RSI (55) […]

  • USDCAD right on major resistance, potential upcoming drop!

    USDCAD is testing major resistance at 1.2580 (Fibonacci extension, Fibonacci retracement, Elliott wave structure, horizontal swing high resistance) and a strong reaction could occur at this level to drive price down to 1.2454 before 1.2414 support (Fibonacci retracement, corrective Elliott wave structure potential. We have to be careful of the intermediate support we find at […]