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  • A Note About The Wuhan Quarantine: Why it’s still early to make conclusions?

    Chinese stock markets crashed on Monday, with authorities restricting short sales due to extreme selling bias and possible overreaction.

  • Precious Metals Monday 03-02-2020

    Gold The gold market has seen steady demand in recent trading as rising global uncertainty linked to the corona-virus outbreak continues to drive flight-to-safety among investors. Last week, the virus was confirmed to have spread to both the US and the UK with the number of deaths attributed to the virus almost reaching the 200 […]

  • The Investment Bank Outlook 03-02-2020

    In our Investment Bank Outlook each week, we bring you a selection of perspectives from leading investment banks to outline the key issues and directional views for the week ahead. These excerpts, taken from research notes, will cover issues such as key market themes, economic releases, as well as any major trends and levels to […]

  • Chart of the Day USDJPY

    Chart of the Day USDJPY Potential reversal USDJPY  The fast-spreading coronavirus continues to grab headlines. As at today, in China, the number of people infected with the virus rose to 16,582 and the death toll was 360. On Friday (31 Jan), the US also declared the coronavirus a public health emergency within the country, one […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, February 3, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, February 3, 2020  Having been closed for more than two weeks, the Chinese market opened sharply lower with major indices in China down by around 8%, as traders were given their first chance to react to the coronavirus. In a bid to support the financial system, Chinese authorities embarked on various measures, […]

  • Weekly Market Outlook 03-02-20

    In this Weekly Market Outlook 03-02-20, our analyst looks into the trading week ahead, possible market moving data releases across the globe and the technical analysis to accompany it! Disclaimer: The material provided is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. The views, information, or opinions expressed in the text […]

  • USD/RUB: Potential Jump Ahead?

    Today we review the current status of Russian ruble and potential future of Australian dollar and gold.