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  • Chart of The Day GBPUSD

    Chart of the Day GBPUSD GBPUSD Frustrating Bulls & Bears, Clarity Coming Markets are attempting to stabilise again, after the US Fed threw in a surprise inter-meeting 50bps rate cut yesterday, while Joe Biden made a surprise comeback on Super Tuesday in the race to be the Democratic nominee for November’s Presidential election. US equities […]

  • Markets Digest: Fed’s Emergency Cut, Key Takeaways of WHO Wuhan Report

    One of the rumored outcomes of the Federal Reserve’s response to evolving risk associated with coronavirus was an emergency rate cut of 50 basis points, which, in fact, were done yesterday.

  • Surprise Rate Cut From Fed – More To Come?

    Fed Cuts Rates by 0.5% In a worrying display of serious the threat of COVID-19 is to the global economy, the US Federal Reserve took the historic step yesterday of announcing an unscheduled rate cut. The Fed announced a surprise .50% rate cut, the first-time rates have been cut outside of the FOMC since December […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, March 04, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, March 04, 2020 The Federal Reserve unexpectedly cut the fed funds target range two weeks ahead of the scheduled 18 March meeting, marking its first such inbetween/emergency move more than a decade ago since Oct 2008 during the financial crisis. The preemptive emergency cut reduced the target range by 50bps from 1.5-1.75% […]

  • Tickmill’s Investing Diva, EURUSD Daily Outlook 04-03-20

    Catch Tickmill’s Investing Diva daily outlook to receive all the latest updates on global markets.