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  • What’s Fed’s swap line? And how does it affect the balance sheet?

    One of the first symptoms of the Covid-19 turmoil in March was a global dollar shortage, but an aggressive Fed response helped to avert the credit crunch.

  • Chart of the Day GBPUSD

    Chart of the Day GBPUSD GBPUSD Potential Reversal Zone – Probable Price Path Last week was a volatile one in markets. Equities in particular continue to be buffeted between signs of improving economic conditions as lockdown restrictions ease against concerns that covid-19 cases are rising again in some countries. Following last week’s sharp sell-off in […]

  • Daily Commodity Outlook, June 22 2020

    Stocks in Asia started the week in a mixed sentiment. The thin trading volumes once again indicated a lack of conviction and as investors mulled the impact of coronavirus outbreaks. California reported record new cases and Florida infections jumped more than the weekly average. The Aussie erased earlier losses seen in the wake of one […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 22-06-2020

    Gold The gold market started the week with a bid tone, as buyers drove a rally over the open in Asia. However, gains have started to reverse over the early European session on Monday with equities seeing a recovery rally. Equities price slipped on Friday, leading to a safe haven rally in gold, as investors […]

  • The Investment Bank Outlook 22-06-2020

    In our Investment Bank Outlook each week, we bring you a selection of perspectives from leading investment banks to outline the key issues and directional views for the week ahead. These excerpts, taken from research notes, will cover issues such as key market themes, economic releases, as well as any major trends and levels to […]

  • Tickmill’s Investing Diva, EURUSD Daily Outlook 22-06-20

    EURUSD Daily Outlook 22-06-20 – On Thursday the USD bulls were able to make one last push higher into the weekend thanks to negative risk sentiment during the U.S. session. Once again, it was coronavirus fears that sparked the risk-off rally, this time off of news that cases were rising in many states and that […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, June 22, 2020 

    Daily Market Outlook, June 22, 2020  Market risk sentiment has started the new week subdued. This has provided little impetus to equities in the Far East, which remain broadly unchanged from Friday’s close. Overnight, South Korea trade data for the first 20 days of June showed the rate of contraction in both exports and imports […]

  • Weekly Market Outlook 22-06-20

    In this Weekly Market Outlook 22-06-20, our analyst looks into the trading week ahead, possible market moving data releases across the globe and the technical analysis to accompany it!  Disclaimer: The material provided is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. The views, information, or opinions expressed in the […]

  • S&P500: Potential Drop Ahead?

    Today we discuss the potential future of British pound, Canadian dollar, and American stock index S&P500.