• Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Monday, June 18, 2018 – ECB President Draghi Speaks (EUR).

  • Dovish bank of Japan opens door for Yen pressure

    Dovish tone of Bank of Japan on Thursday warranted maintenance of a super soft monetary policy on Friday and dampened inflation outlook, due to new obstacles to possible asset purchase cuts.

  • Sigh of relief?

    The Asian stock market was shaken by news about Trump’s imminent tariffs which come as a result of the lack of progress in trade negotiations.

  • Fed hikes rate signaling confidence about economic conditions

    Federal Reserve hiked the rate following results of the meeting on Wednesday, while crossing out wording related to post-crisis measures from the official commentary.

  • US CPI slows down, staying above the 2 percent targe

    US CPI growth slowed down, staying above the target of 2 percent for the second consecutive month, as was shown by data on Wednesday.

  • The dollar jumps to a three week high after a positive start to the US – N.Korea Summit

    The dollar jumped to a three-week high, thanks to a positive start to the US and North Korean summit in Singapore.

  • The greenback experiences a decline following the G7 meeting

    The results of the weekend’s G7 meeting were completely unsatisfactory for Trump

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Monday, June 11, 2018 – Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Apr)(GBP), Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Apr)(GBP).

  • G7 weekend meeting promises to be full of uncertainty

    President of the United States Donald Trump took a very aggressive tone for the upcoming event. In today’s message on Twitter, he wrote that he expects to “straighten unfair trade deals” at the summit. “If this does not happen – for us it’s even better,” wrote the president.

  • China’s exports growth indicates a stability of the foreign demands for products

    China’s exports in May grew by 12.6% in annual terms and slowed down compared to April, indicating stability of the foreign demand for products of the second largest economy in the world.

  • New future for the euro

    Euro rally were fuelled yesterday with a commentary by ECB chief economist Peter Praet. Essentially, he said that the next ECB meeting will be a turning point, where policymakers will decide whether to extend the program of bond buying or signal an eventual halt.

  • Are AUD dynamics changing?

    Asian markets appear to have reached an equilibrium on Tuesday, as investors took a halt after the rally on Monday. Attention shifts to economic data and monetary decisions, while trade issues were promised to return to later.

  • Euro rises against the Dollar following NFP report

    The common currency rose against the dollar despite upbeat NFP report released last Friday: unemployment in the US renewed the record falling to 3.8%, wage growth more than justified the forecasts, the level of labor participation decreased, which exerted less pressure on wages.

  • Italy concerns ease as opposing parties come to agreement

    Italy’s populist parties returned to plans for a coalition on Thursday, ending a three-month period of political uncertainty, with an announcement that they have agreed to form a government that promises to increase spending, reviewing the fiscal policy of the European Union and fighting the inflow of migrants.

  • Hiring in the US accelerated in May due to the improved weather

    Hiring in the US likely accelerated in May due to the improved weather fostered demand for labor in the construction sector.