• Key economic reports of the upcoming week

    Be prepared for the key economic events of the upcoming week. Take a look now!

  • Are oil prices going down?

    Oil exports from the US rose last week to 2M barrels a day, almost reaching the October peak of 2.1M barrels.

  • Japan CPI backs Yen bulls as data prompts BoJ to act

    Economists forecast that the central bank of Japan will adhere this year to the long-term government bonds goal of the 0% yield.

  • FED report came as no surprise to the investors

    Dollar rally added confusion to the markets picture, where news about the supply disruptions and demand fluctuations make the price behaviour quite erratic.

  • Are the wages growing in the UK?

    The European economy crash, after an impressive breakthrough last year, could occur faster than expected, this was shown by the the PMI report of the Eurozone and the leading economies in the bloc.

  • What you need to know about the upcoming week

    Be prepared for the key economic events of the upcoming week. Take a look now.

  • Will the Oil rally become sustainable again?

    The Oil market finished on a strong, at the weak Dollar additionally created an impression of growth, but the gloomy prospects of overproduction force investors to take any positive news with great caution.

  • Will BOJ listen to the investors?

    Japanese government debt appreciated in price on Friday following the take-off of the US bonds in the debt market.

  • Will there be a Dollar rate hike in March?

    The financials markets reaction yesterday to the CPI data makes investors cautious. Inflation accelerated to 0.5% in January, significantly exceeding the forecast of 0.3% – this almost guarantees a March rate hike, but the Dollar is falling rapidly.

  • Will the US inflation figures disappoint the market?

    Inflationary pressure in the US increased due to the gasoline prices and higher rental fees.

  • Will the US oil market find a consensus?

    In the current state, we can see that some of the US companies, in particular infrastructure-related, may grow in price after the publication of Trump’s infrastructure spending.

  • Key economic events and reports

    Take a look what tha markets have in store for the upcoming week.

  • Chinese investors were reminded of 2008 crisis

    The Chinese market has experienced the worst Friday in the past two years. The fall, led by blue chip stocks, showed full-fledged development of the corrective mood on the market.

  • Investors are hoping for a market recovery

    The yields on 10-year treasury bonds have peaked, first time since mid-2013 (when they were on the basic risk-free rate). This will lead to higher borrowing costs in the corporate debt market.

  • Have bears crashed the oil price?

    Investors were well aware of the shale producers plans to increase production, but yesterday’s statistics took everyone by surprise.