• Russian ruble could be targeting level 69

    Today we discuss what the Russian ruble is up to and wonder what is going to happen with Canadian currency and American index S&P500.

  • Oil seems to be following a downtrend

    Today we discuss what is going on with the oil, silver and British pound.

  • Is Yen About to Head North?

    Today we explain why Japanese currency could head North and discuss what’s going on with Canadian dollar.

  • Is Euro About to Get Support and Head Up?

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  • Is Dow Jones About to Head Down?

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  • Russian Ruble is not giving up

    We ponder whether USD/RUB has gone bearish or if it is one more trick of the Russian currency. We also wonder what is about to happen to WTI oil.

  • Turkish lira declines further – Brief overview of share buybacks in US

    Turkish lira resumed decline on Monday despite the rate hike by Turkish CB to 24%, which seems to have been expected to raise costs for lira bearish positions, i.e. make them less profitable

  • Russian Ruble forms a fine bullish trap

    In this post, we discuss what is going to happen to the Russian Ruble and where the European index is heading. We also analyze the future of cross rate of EUR/AUD.

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  • Will Dow Jones Head Up?

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  • The Swiss Franc gone bearish!

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  • EUR/USD: temporary recovery before heading South?

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  • Is the Future of USD/CAD Already Predefined?

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  • S&P500: reaching new maximum to drop?

    The American index S&P 500 closely approached the horizontal level of 2877.21, which is also a historical maximum.

  • Gold is heading down!

    In this post, we discuss where gold pulls back down when downtrend gets stronger, and why WTI oil won’t head up anymore.