• Is USDRUB about to head up?

    We discuss the mid-term course of the Russian Ruble and consider where the Canadian and New Zealand dollars are heading.

  • Is USD/RUB about to head up?

    We discuss the new levels that formed after the explosive growth of the Russian currency and ponder where the pair EUR/GBP is about to head next.

  • Is EUR/USD about to stay still?

    We discuss what’s going on with the EUR/USD and wonder whether Bitcoin will go up.

  • Is USD/JPY about to head North?

    We ponder what’s going to happen with the EUR/USD and the Japanese currency.

  • Is the Canadian Dollar about to go down?

    We discuss what’s going to happen with EURGBP and the cross rate of USDCAD.

  • Where is the EUR/USD heading to?

    We start the week off by taking a closer look at EUR/USD and ponder over the GBP/USD movements.

  • Is EUR/USD about to go down?

    We discuss what EUR/USD is up to, as well as ponder current state of the index S&P 500 and Russian Ruble.

  • Is EUR/USD about to go down?

    We ponder what the single currency is up to and discuss what’s going to happen on the oil market in the near future.

  • Is oil about to go down?

    Oil have moved up and down and the other way around, so we ponder over where the asset will finally end up.

  • Is Gold heading down?

    We discuss what Gold is up to, and where is index S&P500 might be heading.

  • EUR/USD approached dangerous levels!

    We discuss the fact that EUR/USD approached some strong levels, and ponder where the Japanese Yen is about to head to.

  • Is USD/CAD about to head North?

    Let´s take a look at what will the British Pound do, as well as see what the Canadian currency has in store of us.

  • Will Bitcoin eventually fail or correct?

    We ponder whether we should rely on the newspaper headlines about Bitcoin soon to become a thing of the past, and see what’s going to happen with oil.

  • EUR/USD is heading North; oil is facing strong resistance

    We discuss where the EUR/USD pair is heading to and which is oil’s strongest level. We also ponder why the Japanese currency is so much behind other asset classes.

  • Where is EUR/USD heading?

    We discuss where the single currency is about to head to, and take a look if Gold to finally going down.