• Is the fall of the Chinese stock market temporary?

    China’s blue chip index, the Shanghai Composite, fell 0.39% on Friday, while Japanese Hang Seng rose 0.28%. the Chinese index lost 3%, recording the largest decline since the market collapse in January 2016.

  • Chinese stocks are posting biggest gains since last year

    China is betting on special economic zone to boost the local manufacturing sector. This along with the countries stock market is showing positive growth.

  • Will the Chinese economy stabilise?

    The Chinese financial markets will be closed for the next week due to national holidays.

  • Chinese stocks drop on rate hike speculations

    Chinese “blue chip” index fell the most in three months on Monday, copying a sharp drop in global markets, as investors are rattled by rumours of a possible increase in US interest rates next week, which boosted yields of government debts and put pressure on the Chinese currency.

  • Is the Brexit impact to the economy a myth?

    The new data soothed the worries about the adverse impact of Brexit on the UKs economy.

  • China is under pressure as economy halts.

    The Chinese economy tries to become a lot more independent, but it adds a lot of pressure to the market. Growth has been on a standstill multiple quarters now.

  • Another blow for the UK

    The Pound is set for further declines as BoE meet on Thursday and policymakers are expected to extend the easing and cut interest rates in response to the potential negative impact of Brexit.