• Trump Praises June Jobs Data, Tries To Downplay Second Wave

    June NFPs Highest on Record The latest US jobs report, released a day early yesterday ahead of the holiday weekend in America, marked yet a further, dramatic recovery in employment last month. The headline June NFPs marked a bumper growth of 4.8 million jobs last month. This increase, which is the largest monthly jobs gain […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 29-06-2020

    Gold Gold prices remain near highs at the start of the new weeks as market attention remains fixed on the growing fears of a second wave of COVID-19. Over the weekend, headlines and reports pertaining to rising infection rates in the US have created a weak risk environment on Monday, keeping gold bid just below […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 39

    Key Points from This Week Fed Calls for More Support Fed chairman Powell called on the government to offer further support during a testimony to Congress this week. Echoing his message at the June FOMC, Powell warned that the recovery process in the US will be a very long one and noted a great deal […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 15-06-2020

    Gold The gold market has started the week under some mild selling pressure as the US Dollar continues to recover recent losses. Equities markets have been in freefall over reports highlighting the growing risk of a second wave of the virus in the US. While the safe-haven inflow from this risk off atmosphere would typically […]

  • Why Are Equities Indices Reversing?

    US Equities Concede Gains Headlines and sentiment over the last month have been increasingly positive with and more optimism being attached to the tentative recovery underway in the US. However, if the recent stock market rally felt a little too good to be true, then price action over the last couple of days will have […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 27

    Key Points From This Week Fed Announces Uncapped QE Program The Federal Reserve stepped up its fight against the economic threat from COVID-19 this week. Following recently cutting rates to record lows of 0.25% and announcing a $750 billion QE program, the Fed announced this week that it will now be running unlimited QE. This […]

  • Why Is The Nikkei Rallying?

    Despite the broader sell-off which has dominated asset markets recently, the Nikkei has seen a strong reversal this week. Rallying more than 8% yesterday and over 20% on the week, Japanese equities have been the clear outperformer. The reason for this rally has been the reaction to speculation about BOJ QE purchases which, unlike we’ve […]

  • Equities Surge on China’s Trade Comments

    Risk sentiment received a boost late in the week in response to a surprise announcement from China regarding the ongoing trade war between itself and the US. Gao Feng, a spokesman from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce told reporters “We firmly reject an escalation of the trade war, and are willing to negotiate and collaborate […]