• Fight fire with fire: Chinese banks issue more loans to combat effects of bad debts

    After a crushing blow inflicted by Google (shares fell by 6% on the earnings report) Nasdaq futures suffered from additional pressure after Chinese PMI report release, which showed that manufacturing activity in April failed to develop the March impulse.

  • South Korea: World Growth Must Wait!

    One of the brightest stars in terms of global growth unexpectedly faded, with South Korean GDP falling by 0.3% in Q1. Posting its worst performance in almost a decade:

  • The Ruble is Staying Under the 65 Level. What’s Next?

    The Russian ruble is staying under the 65.00 level. So far, we assume that it may pull back down from the horizontal line again due to the decreased risk of sanctions and expensive oil.

  • Why is backwardation possible in the futures market?

    In one of my recent articles about the oil market, I stated that the withdrawal of waivers for consumers of Iranian oil could lead to a compensating effect on the part of the US supply, which the latest API report on commercial reserves in the US seemed to reflect.