• Protests Erupt As China Approves Controversial Hong Kong Security Law

    China Approves Hong Kong Law The prospect of US action against China is looming large today following China’s approval of its proposed National Security Law in Hong Kong. The legislation was approved during China’s National People’s Congress with a vote of 2878-1. The new law, which represents the first time that Chinese law has been […]

  • Trump Promises Action Against China Amidst Hong Kong Standoff

    COVID-19 Strains US/China Relations Fears that tensions between the US and China could soon boil over has increased this week as the two sides continue to trade rhetoric over the Hong-Kong standoff. Relations between the world’s two leading economies have been particularly fraught over recent weeks amidst escalating US criticism of China over its alleged […]

  • China Warns US Over Trade Deal Impact of Hong Kong Interference

    Rising tensions in Hong Kong are not only creating tensions between the autonomous state and China, but are now threatening to impact relations between the US and China. When questioned last week on how the situation in Hong Kong might impact any potential trade deal, President Trump told reporters “I think it’s a very hard […]