• The European growth slows with Spain in the lead

    Economy of France and Austria showed zero growth in the April-June period compared to the first quarter of this year as Spain is barely holding on.

  • COVID-19: Spanish Death Toll Surpasses China

    COVID-19 Death Toll Passes 20,000 Globally The pace of new coronavirus infections continues to rise globally and with it, so too does the death toll from the virus. In the US this week, the death till soared past 1000 while Spain moved up to second place in terms of the highest number of deaths from […]

  • Easy Jet Stocks Plummet 65%

    Among the sectors hardest hit by the collapse in global equities prices over the last six weeks, airlines have suffered a devastating blow. The travel restrictions put in place by a number of countries now has decimated passenger numbers for all major and smaller airline providers alike. The industry had already been under pressure from […]

  • COVID-19: Lock-downs Extended, UK PM In Intensive Care

    COVID-19 Dampening Spring Spirit With Europe and America moving through Spring and many countries seeing an agreeable spike in temperature, this is usually a bright and optimistic time of year. However, given the current situation, the war, weather and blue skies are just a picture in a window frame for many as the global lock-downs […]