• Away from the Cold War mentality

    POTUS Donald Trump invited his Russian peer Vladimir Putin to visit Washington this fall, the White House said on Thursday, despite the disdain for American leader both from Democrats and his colleagues in Party

  • Markets see a Yuan depreciation while Dollar declines following Trump’s statements

    The Chinese government gave the green light for a controlled yuan depreciation, refraining from aggressive interventions.

  • Dollar rallies following US Fed Chairman’s Congress statements

    It is evident that the dollar has left behind its peers in the race , while the the spread between Treasury bonds sunk to new lows following Fed Chairman Powell’s composed position before the Congress, where he said that the US economy is expected to grow steadily in future years.

  • An overview of the oil market, US stocks and UK labor statistics

    Asian stock markets declined on Tuesday partly due to the drop in the energy market, from where the rout spread to Asian energy sector.

  • Markets brace themselves in anticipation of Trump and Putin’s meeting in Helsinki

    The main story in last week’s headlines – the US-China trade spat – receded on Monday as the Chinese stock market turned the focus to economy data, while foreign investors are bracing for the results of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki.

  • Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Monday, July 16, 2018 – GDP (YoY) (Q2)(CNY), Industrial Production (YoY) (Jun)(CNY), Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Jun)(USD), Retail Sales (MoM) (Jun)(USD), CPI (QoQ) (Q2)(NZD).

  • Iran pledges to continue selling oil under sanctions

    Oil exports won’t be an easy task under fresh US sanctions, but Iran will be able to dodge any blow, said advisor of the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati.

  • The PBOC attempts to keep CNY/Gold rate fixed while the dollar grows

    Starting from the beginning of 2018, the exchange rate of CNYUSD and the gold bear have a great resemblance, i.e. gold repeats the slump of Yuan.

  • In-depth analysis of US 10-yr bond auction

    Yesterday, the US Treasury auctioned fresh 10-year notes totalling $22 billion on the market.

  • Are tariffs a real threat or are they a bluff?

    US stock indices closed in positive territory on Tuesday (S&P 500 + 0.58%, DOW + 0.35%), with traders focusing on the corporate earnings report to be released on Friday.

  • Pound rallies thanks to data on British economy

    Asian stocks failed to continue their growth on Tuesday as trade tension between the US and China casts a shadow over the economic activity in the Asian region.

  • VIX, Chinese bubble and volatility sellers- is it too early to be going into defence?

    The tariffs implementation was not new information; US and China had been exchanging warning shots for a long time before they started shooting at each other.

  • Key economic reports and events of the upcoming week

    Monday, July 9, 2018 – no important news/events due.

  • Tariff wars shook the ground of oil market

    On Friday, oil market was shaken by the rising volatility, but during the week prices for major grades were relatively stable, though poised to losses after the US imposed tariffs on Chinese exports worth $34 billion, and Beijing called this step the beginning of an unprecedented trade war.

  • What to expect with today’s NFP

    Data on the NFP will be made available today a few hours after the introduction of tariffs in the US and Beijing’s symmetric retaliation, which will collectively $ 34 billion worth of goods.