• US Pence and Xi crash hope for peaceful resolution of US-Sino trade spat

    For two consecutive days at the end of last week, the US stock market was in high spirits while expecting a thaw, which is likely to be the outcome of the upcoming meeting of Xi and Trump at the G-20 summit.

  • Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Tuesday, November 20, 2018 – RBA Meeting Minutes (AUD), Building Permits (Oct)(USD).

  • Oil prices gain anticipating output cuts from OPEC

    Oil prices rose on Friday amid expectations of OPEC production cuts, but record-breaking production growth in the United States put pressure on the prices.

  • Brief analysis of BLS report for tariff impact

    US retail sales accelerated growth in October to 0.8% (MoM), thanks to increased demand for building materials and cars.

  • Perfect “Open Mouth” operations performed by the Fed’s Powell

    US stock market was somewhat spooked on Wednesday with Powell’s “invariably positive” attitude toward the US economy, which means that the rate hike process will go on as planned.

  • Consumption slack adds to Chinese problems; industrial data beats estimates on fiscal support

    The data on Chinese economy released today offered a mixed impression about the government’s attempts to fix inefficiencies and ease recession risks. Slowing retail sales was unexpectedly countered by uptick in industrial output and investment in fixed assets which is quite surprising and worrying at the same time.

  • Trump is ready for tariffs on cars, sends shocking waves to the stock market

    The US Department of Commerce examined the import conditions for cars and parts for the presence “national threats” and sent Washington recommendations for possible improvements.

  • The specter of QE returns to Euro

    Oil prices jumped more than 1.5% after Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of OPEC, announced support measures for the falling market.

  • Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Average Earnings Index +Bonus (Sep)(GBP), German ZEW Economic Sentiment (Nov)(EUR).

  • “Hard Brexit” probability rises as key issues remain unresolved

    Less than five months before the official divorce of Britain and the EU, there remains a 25 percent chance that the parties will not be able to conclude on an agreement on Brexit terms, according to an economist survey conducted by Reuters this week.

  • Global demand for dollar accelerates as the Fed is firm on tightening plans

    The Fed meeting was held on Thursday without changing any of the key parameters and despite expectations for the Fed’s steadiness in the matter of policy tightening, the regulator reached a peak of complacency as soft remarks started to gradually feed into the rhetoric.

  • Fierce Democrat opposition to Trump creates upward pressure in the US stock market

    US stock market recorded a surge in buying interest on Wednesday, thanks to rumors that a counterbalance to Trump’s policy from the Democrats may turn out to be more bitter than expected.

  • Strengthening of the Democrats sends relief waves over the US stock market

    US Congress elections were deemed as the main source of “headwinds” for Trump’s somewhat reckless policies, so the market was in no hurry to make guesses on the long-term consequences of the president’s threats and initiatives, betting on the temporary freedom of White House’s power.

  • Mid-term elections keep global markets in suspense

    The index of economic activity in US manufacturing and services sectors came at 60.3 points in October, beating the expectations of 59 points.

  • Solid job data for October points to even stronger Fed commitment towards rate hikes

    The Fed’s monetary stance has been sufficient proof that the bearish take on the US stock market is most likely inaccurate.