• NZD Higher As RBNZ Defies Market Expectations

    RBNZ Bucks The Trend At a time when global central banks are increasingly guiding markets and signalling forthcoming moves, the RBNZ is increasingly become a difficult bank to anticipate. In August, the RBNZ caught traders off-guard when, against expectations of a near-certain 25 basis point rate cut, they lowered rates by a huge 50 basis […]

  • The IndeX Files 12-11-2019

    Will US-Sino Trade Deal Be Signed This Week? Global benchmark equities remain near recent high levels this week, though are sitting below the record highs seen over the last week as investors struggle with opposing themes. The US outlook has shifted away from expectations that the Fed will ease further this year. Ahead of the […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 11-11-2019

    Gold The outlook for precious metals is evolving in light of the changing expectations for the path of the US dollar. Although the Federal Reserve pressed ahead with a further rate cut at its most recent meeting, Chairman Powell explained that the central bank would now be sitting on its hands while it assesses the […]

  • The Investment Bank Outlook – 11-11-2019

    In our Investment Bank Outlook each week, we bring you a selection of perspectives from leading investment banks to outline the key issues and directional views for the week ahead. These excerpts, taken from research notes, will cover issues such as key market themes, economic releases, as well as any major trends and levels to […]

  • Weekly Market Outlook 11-11-19

    In this Weekly Market Outlook 11-11-19, our analyst looks into the trading week ahead, possible market moving data releases across the globe and the technical analysis to accompany it! Disclaimer: The material provided is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. The views, information, or opinions expressed in the text […]

  • Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Monday, November 11, 2019 – GDP (YoY) (Q3)(GBP), Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Sep)(GBP).

  • Tariff war: The interim deal will include a timetable for tariff cancellation

    The United States and China agreed to start simultaneously abolishing existing tariffs as part of the “phase one” trade agreement,  officials of both countries said on Thursday.

  • Chinese Import & Export Data Appear to Support Risk Appetite. But, Will it Last?

    The slump in Chinese foreign trade slowed in October, while making modest contributions to the growing roster of arguments about delayed global recession.

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 8

    Key Points This Week US-Sino Trade Deal on Track Expectations that the US – Sino “phase one” trade deal (verbally agreed October 10th) will be signed over November has kept equities indices in demand. US benchmarks have traded to new record highs this week as the prospect of an end to the 17-month tariff war […]

  • Bad news for the Economy – “Good” News for the DAX

    Inertial forces in German production pave the way for further contraction – output in the sector declined by more than expected in September, data showed on Thursday.

  • The Crude Chronicles – Episode 12

    Trade Deal Hopes VS Negative OPEC Outlook WTI prices commenced the week in demand as expectations that the US and China will formally approve the mini-trade deal agreed earlier this month helped support global investor appetite. The driving force behind the latest surge in optimism over US-Sino trade discussions was the comments made at the […]

  • First UK December Elections Rumors – What you Need to Know Before Selling the Pound

    Voter support for the UK Labour party and its leader Corbyn in the heart of the country has nearly halved since the general election in 2017, which jeopardises a favourable election outcome for them in December.

  • Trump Elections Blow As Republicans Lose Key Seats

    Republicans Lose Key Seats The 2019 US gubernatorial elections, held yesterday, marked an important shift in voting habits. Just one year out from the next US national elections, Democrats made gains in the key states of Kentucky and Louisiana. Virginia, the Democrats took control of the legislature for the first time in over two decades. […]

  • Pay Attention to Capital Investments in the US – Early Sign of Cheaper Gold

    European bonds fell on Monday reacting to the positive noise related to the US-Sino trade talks and temporary reprieve in the US economic background.

  • Precious Metals Monday 04-11-2019

    Gold Precious metals are starting to break higher as we head into the middle of Q4. The latest action from the Fed has created a supportive backdrop for gold which benefits during times of weakness in the dollar. At the October FOMC held last week the Fed acted in line with market forecasts by announcing […]