• In the French presidential run-up, who is leading?

    The stakes are high, and so the betting companies are working in full force. The average coefficient for Macron winning is currently 1.10, while the coefficient for Le Pen is at 6.

  • French elections – are things going well for the economic markets?

    Terrorist attacks, sluggish income growth, high unemployment forced the France to make a choice in favour of candidates offering bold, cardinal political and economic reforms. According to Macron, the vote is not for the new president, but for changing the political system in general.

  • The outsider on the Forex market

    The Dollar continues to decline under the pressure of weak statistics, as the Pound is stabilising after a 2% growth. Among the major calls of uncertainty remain the France elections and tensions on the Korean peninsula.

  • The European growth slows with Spain in the lead

    Economy of France and Austria showed zero growth in the April-June period compared to the first quarter of this year as Spain is barely holding on.