• Is Dollar creating additional inflation risks?

    The strengthening trend of the US Dollar met resistance just above the 92.00 level, during the New York session. This happened after Tier 1 news fell short of investors’ expectations.

  • China is firing warning shots

    The Chinese government will respond “in the same proportion” if the US continues to aggravate the situation in mutual trade.

  • Markets try to make light of the US fiscal reform

    The Senate vote on Saturday had a positive outcome for the Trump fiscal initiative, which pushes for sharp tax cuts (around 35% to 20%) for companies, as well as tax incentives for individuals.

  • Take a look at the important events of next week

    Find out what is the economic data from the first week of May.

  • Are Bulls going after the Bears?

    Dollar is muted ahead of the NFP and the bulls brace for their last chance to push higher.

  • Worldwide economic expansion is set for 2017

    The Dollar renews advances together with Oil, as investors seem to bet on worldwide economic expansion in 2017.

  • USD is propelled to new heights!

    USD rose to a 2 month high along with the PMI, which rose to a 11 month high

  • Pound dips on lax manufacturing figures

    HSBC Economist Elizabeth Martins believes that it is too early to discount recession risks. It is important to see what will be the conditions UK quits EU and to what extent the country will retain access to the EU market.

  • RBA stays put on monetary policy

    RBA head Glenn Stevens says the board of directors decided to stay put on cutting rates as it squares with stable economic growth and steady inflation targets.

  • Greenback index pairs decline after bad PMI

    US economy shows mixed performance with Initial Jobless Claims rising less than expected to 263K vs. 265K expected.

  • Rate hike odds soar ahead of NFP

    The world’s markets are beginning to return to the usual rhythm of the August calm, which was halted by the comments of the head of the US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen.

  • Market developments of the upcoming week!

    We provide you with the most crucial economic events of the upcoming week.

  • ADP shows positive changes in US labor market, NFP is in limelight

    All the estimates seem to be slightly behind the forecasts as the results are slowly coming in.