• Concerns are growing for the Chinese market

    Chinese banks are not embarrassed to give out loans, in spite the efforts of the Central Bank to cool down the economy.

  • Overflow of money?

    PBOC tightens access to liquidity and removes the excess after record cash injection on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

  • Why Trump needs trade wars?

    Investors are desperately trying to predict his next move to price in the markets. Breaking up the trade ties and threatening with high import taxes Trump hopes to gain submission of several trade partners like Canada and Mexico

  • May says no to “soft Brexit”

    The Oil drops as Iran boosts market share, meanwhile Chinese stocks have a good start to the week, as the Pound drops hard.

  • FOMC Minutes release failed to surprise the markets

    Dollar starts to decline, as FOMC Minutes had nothing new for the investors. On the other hand Rouble breaks a new level that hasn´t been seen since 2015.

  • Three more rate hikes in 2017!

    The FED lifts the interest rate, sending Dollar for a new relentless rally.The emerging markets and safe heavens are out of favour.

  • An unexpected drop in the UK employment

    The Dollar slides ahead of the FED, employment in the UK drops the first time in a year.

  • Danger zones and safe havens

    The Chinese shares close in red on Friday, as the Chinese Vanke real estate sector stayed in green.

  • Chinese economy seems to slowly pick-up

    Chinese stocks closed lower than expected, but this was a growth from previous weeks. At the same time, we can see that the financial sector posted the biggest gains.

  • Yuan fell to a 6-year low against the Dollars rise on Euro

    Yuan fell to its lowest level in six years against the US dollar after the People’s Bank sharply lowered the reference rate by 0.37% to a 6.7558 level

  • China is under pressure as economy halts.

    The Chinese economy tries to become a lot more independent, but it adds a lot of pressure to the market. Growth has been on a standstill multiple quarters now.