• Key economic events to watch for next week

    Don’t miss any trading possibility and check the market calendar prepared for you by the market expert.

  • PBOC will restrain active lending organizations with increased reserve requirements

    Unprecedented growth of consumer lending in China raises concerns of the country’s regulator.

  • USD strengthens ahead of US CPI, Aussie growth might create risks for economy

    The rout on equity markets because of falling has Oil resumed today, sending Yen to a substantial rally against EUR and USD.

  • Iran encourages output freeze plans, AUD drops on increased unemployment rate

    Collapsing energy market saw a glimmer of hope for a rebound due to positive fundamental shifts that happened this week.

  • Oil surges, in hopes Tehran will accept Qatar’s deal, European equities rise

    Oil managed to get over the “below $30 bearish trap”.

  • Major Oil exporters agree to maintain January’s production level

    Rumors of a production cut have cut Oil prices by over 10% last Friday.

  • Oil gains stabilize equity markets, growing USD pulls safe havens down

    Oil prices are looking upwards, as the market expects the OPEC members to finally come to an agreement on output levels soon.

  • Key economic events to watch for next week

    Important news that will affect your trading.

  • Japan loosens its grip on consumption growth, further easing measures are planned

    The government will do their best in order to struggle with deflation and abnormal strengthening of the Yen.

  • Equity panic eases, as the Bank of Japan hints on intervention

    The safe haven status, which the Yen has been enjoying recently, threats the Japanese economy…

  • Crude oil prices fall below $27, JPY outperforms all majors

    Crude oil prices are now looking somewhat determined in their attempt to occupy the next important bullish bastion of $25/bbl.

  • Bond markets recover, as credit risks calm down, Oil rises ahead of the EIA data

    European bonds take a break from eight consecutive days of decline, as credit risks finally calms down.

  • Panic on global equity markets, Japanese bonds and currency are in great demand today

    Concerns over global economy growth skyrocketed, sending equity markets into a sharp decline.

  • The OPEC report had a short-term effect on crude oil prices, EU shares plunge

    Crude prices appear to escape from the bear trap, with the first signs of Saudis’ loosening their tight grip.

  • Key economic events to look out for next week

    Important news that will determine currency movements next week…