• Dollar has finished the week in the red zone

    The medium-term forecast of the Dollar, remains unchanged as it is declining to level 90.00.

  • Will the US inflation surprise the FED?

    The minutes of the ECB meeting will probably show a cautious position of the bank regarding the forecast of stimulating the economy

  • The first market overview of the year

    Let´s take a look how the year has started and what the first week brought to the market.

  • Is the Bank of Japan going to stop the inflation?

    Yen declines after a small reminder from the BOJ. Meanwhile, the US Dollar won almost against all major opponents

  • Can the strong labor market stimulate the US inflation?

    The US labor market expanded to 148,000 jobs in December, almost 40,000 below the average forecast. Unemployment remained at 4.1%, and the level of participation in the labor force was approximately 2/3 (62.7%).

  • Key economic reports and events for the upcoming week

    Take a look at what the financial markets might have in store for you next week!

  • EU inflation lags in economic recovery

    Published Eurostat data showed that consumer prices in December increased by 1.4% YoY, compared to the 1.5% gain in November last year.

  • EIA shows mixed data on US oil production

    EIA data released on Thursday showed that US producers keep pressuring OPEC, while enjoying high prices from the supply cuts.

  • The FED Protocol disappointed the Dollar

    From the protocol of the December meeting it became clear that the tax reforms left the inflation front under the siege of the questions.

  • Will the ECB be convinced?

    On Tuesday, Euro reached a 4-month high at 1.2081, recording a 3-percent growth since mid-December. EUR/USD is preparing to break through the Septembers peak at 1.21, which could create a psychological basis for the pair’s growth in 2018.

  • What to expect from the New Year: a brief overview

    The ending year leaves a lot of information and unanswered questions about the future. So, let´s take a look at what the upcoming year may bring!

  • How do the New Year holidays affect the financial markets?

    2017 is coming to a close and it’s time to review the accomplishments.

  • “Falling off a cliff” the prophecy comes tru

    This week will be remembered by cryptocurrency traders for a long time. Bitcoin lost nearly a third of its value, dropping sharply from $ 20,000 to $13,000 on Friday in just 5 days, the main competitor BCH sank almost 30% on Friday, reaching $3,700 this week.

  • Tax reform is approved

    Senate approved the tax reform, but it did not make a big impression on the Dollar. In the US stock markets, it seems that investors are in the need of new bulls to continue the growth of the US market.

  • The Australian Dollar might be up for a rally

    The tightened movements of the foreign exchange market signal a temporary “calm”, as investors are already preparing for the New Year and thus are paying less attention to the current market catalysts.