• Could there be market stabilisation with oil?

    Iran openly supports OPEC in the efforts to stabilise the market, as they are reaching national quotas.

  • The recession risks are becoming visible in Japan

    The weak domestic demand forceS companies to continuously maintain the cut-down policy of the prices.

  • EUs projections for further growth have worsened?

    The Dollar pares decline ahead of Durable orders report as the German IFO predicts gloomy future for EU economy.

  • The odds for a December rate hike skyrocket by 50%

    The Dollar shows strong advantages against the Euro as the Pound is gathering strength from the newly found independence.

  • Germany is bringing the Eurozone economy down

    The composite PMI in the 19-countries expanded to a 53.3 point in August as the European shared currency fell against the Dollar.

  • When will the FED clear up the intentions of a possible monetary tightening in the US within this year?

    Stanley Fischer claimed that the state of US economy should be somewhere near its targets – full employment and 2% inflation., which made the dollar rebound.

  • Important economic events in the upcoming week!

    Important developments you should keep track off in the upcoming week.

  • Will the Chinese government offer additional incentives?

    The Chinese market is seeing interesting movements as the financial sector is meeting the set expectations.

  • The European markets seem pressured by the rise of USD

    Uncertainty is increasing in the European markets as the pressure is building from the US Dollar steady rebound.

  • The future seems bleak for the USD

    in September the FED meeting might hold some surprises for the market but for now dark times seem to be ahead for the USD.

  • Is a rate hike in September really possible?

    The New Zealand Dollar fell sharply against its American peer as the US Dollar is still recovering from a heavy selloff.

  • Is the Brexit impact to the economy a myth?

    The new data soothed the worries about the adverse impact of Brexit on the UKs economy.

  • The oil price is exceeding the markets expectations

    The oil prices climb to a three-week high as, which is now reaching almost 10%. Even though the gain is visible then experts are looking for balance.

  • Glimpse to the upcoming week

    Get a glimpse of the upcoming economic development for the week.

  • The Japanese stocks surge to a two-month high

    As the Japanese were celebrating the US took over the stock market reaching record highs.