• The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 29

    Key Points From This Week Fed Announces New Liquidity Program The Fed announced a further set or surprise measures this week in the form of a $2.3 trillion corporate loan system. The funding has been made available to the Fed via the emergency coronavirus package approved by US congress last month and will aim to […]

  • Does The COVID-19 Crisis Threaten The Euro-Zone?

    Echoes of Former Crises The Current crisis stemming from the ongoing spread of COVID-19 has once again shone a light on the tensions within the Euro-zone and the fault lines which run through the European project. Such episodes are not uncommon for the Euro-zone, even looking back beyond the most recent Brexit situation, we saw […]

  • The Crude Chronicles – Episode 33

    Oil Demand Decimated by Covid-19 Disruption Following the mild recovery seen in WTI price action last week, momentum has stalled with oil prices trading roughly flat so far on the week. The main driver for oil prices remains the ongoing COVID-19 situation. While risk assets, generally speaking, have been able to reclaim some higher ground […]

  • Chart of the Day US500 (S&P500)

    Chart of the Day US500 (S&P500) US500 (S&P500) – Probable Price Paths Global risk sentiments improved overnight on hints that Russia may be ready to cut its oil output by 1.6mbpd and Algeria confirmed that the OPEC+ meeting will proceed today and consider a 10mbpd cut. The March FOMC minutes revealed that the worst case […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, April 9, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, April 9, 2020  The Asian equity market is mostly up (apart from Japan) after further strong gains on Wall Street yesterday.  The Brent crude oil price is holding above $33bbl in hopes that today’s meeting of oil producers will agree on significant output cuts.  The number of confirmed global coronavirus cases has […]

  • Eurogroup Meetings Fail To Deliver Result

    Divisions Stall Progress On the back of the emergency Eurogroup meetings yesterday, which ran long into the small hours of the night, European ministers announced today that they were unable to agree a deal. The talks had been aimed at establishing a course of action to provide economic support for those Eurozone economies worst affected […]

  • US Suffers Worst Daily COVID-19 Death Toll

    Over the last 24 hours, the US death toll from COVID-19 has exploded higher by 1800 victims, marking the largest one-day increase from the virus globally. At the start of the week, US health authorities reported that this week would be the worst with the virus expected to peak around Easter day. Along with the […]

  • Chart of the Day USDCHF

    Chart of the Day USDCHF USDCHF – Probable Price Paths Global risk sentiments remained cautious overnight even as New York saw a third consecutive day of slowing Covid-19 infections and several European nations plan to ease Covid-19 restrictions, albeit UK PM Johnson remained in intensive care. The S&P500 erased earlier gains and slipped 0.16% overnight […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, April 8, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, April 8, 2020  Asian equity market performance is mixed this morning after Wall Street ended yesterday almost unchanged. Brent crude oil is holding close to $33bbl in hopes that tomorrow’s OPEC+ meeting will agree to production cuts. Reports from yesterday’s Eurozone finance ministers’ meeting suggests ongoing division on measures to boost the […]

  • COVID-19: Lock-downs Extended, UK PM In Intensive Care

    COVID-19 Dampening Spring Spirit With Europe and America moving through Spring and many countries seeing an agreeable spike in temperature, this is usually a bright and optimistic time of year. However, given the current situation, the war, weather and blue skies are just a picture in a window frame for many as the global lock-downs […]

  • The IndeX Files 07-04-2020

    Optimistic Tone To Asset Markets Global equities benchmarks have started the week in a positive manner with asset prices improving across the board. Following a retracement lower last week across key indices, we are now seeing a continuation of the initial recovery which started in the final week of March. The lock-downs in place around […]

  • Chart of the Day EURUSD

    Chart of the Day EURUSD EURUSD – Probable Price Path EURUSD – Today then focus will be on the Eurogroup meeting of finance ministers to decide on a European response to the coronavirus economic impact to complement national fiscal measures and the ECB’s monetary policy stimulus package. There has been well-publicised disagreements on so-called ‘corona […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, April 7, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, April 7, 2020  The Asian market is mostly up for a second consecutive day on optimism that the coronavirus epidemic may be slowing in some countries. New cases fell in Spain and Italy, while New York Governor Cuomo said that the number of mortalities may be plateauing. China reported no new deaths […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 06-04-2020

    Gold Gold prices have seen renewed buying over recent session as safe haven flow have started to re-emerge. With US data weakness keeping US rate path expectations subdued throughout the end of 2020, and with equities markets stabilising, there is room for gold to continue to appreciate here. Gold had seen heavy selling earlier in […]

  • The Investment Bank Outlook 06-04-2020

    In our Investment Bank Outlook each week, we bring you a selection of perspectives from leading investment banks to outline the key issues and directional views for the week ahead. These excerpts, taken from research notes, will cover issues such as key market themes, economic releases, as well as any major trends and levels to […]