• USD Sinks On Dovish FOMC & GDP Plunge

    Fed Sounds The Alarm At the April FOMC meeting held yesterday, the Fed held no punches in warning the market over the severity of the economic threat from COVID-19. As per the market’s expectations, in line with the massive, historic moves announced by the fed over the prior month, no further adjustments were made to […]

  • Trump Attacks Environmental Activists During Davos Speech

    Controversial Comments President Trump has been grabbing headlines once again this week. While back home, the President’s impeachment trial began in the Senate, Trump was in Davos, Switzerland speaking at the World Economic Forum. In typical controversial form, Trump used his opening speech there to attack climate change protestors. Trump told the forum “To embrace […]

  • US-Iran Tensions Erupt: Market Impact

      US Kills Top Iranian General Global investor risk appetite was shaken last week on reports that the US had killed a top Iranian general during a drone strike carried out in Baghdad on Friday. Qassem Soleimani, a top Iranian general was confirmed to have been killed during the drone strike. Risk assets across the […]