• USDCNH Falls As US/China Tensions Rise

    Fresh Sanctions Coming? Tensions between the US and China are at risk of boiling over once again this week as President Trump reportedly prepares to announce fresh sanctions against China. Speaking with reporters this week, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said: “We’ve got a number of executive orders. We’re looking at how we […]

  • Chinese Manufacturing Rises While Second Wave Fears Develop

    Positive Data But Risks Remain The latest economic data out of China showed that the factory sector in the world’s second largest economy expanded again in June. Printing 50.9 on the month, the rise in manufacturing activity was above the expected 50.4 reading the market was looking for and marks an uptick from the prior […]

  • Will US/China Relations Survive COVID-19 Crisis?

    US/China Relations In Focus With the COVID-19 crisis commanding the attention of governments around the globe, the trade negotiations between the US and China have been put on the back-burner for now. In some respects, the emergence of a global health crisis has shone a light on how petty and unnecessary the two-year trade stand-off […]

  • Is The US About To Lift China Trade Tariffs?

    Trump Considering Lifting Tariffs With the growing economic threat from COVID-19 demanding an increasing response from central banks and governments alike, the US administration is reportedly on the verge of a surprising U -turn. According to the Financial Times, the President is set to announce a 90-day suspension on some Chinese imports such as apparel […]