• Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Monday, April 1, 2019 – Caixin Manufacturing PMI (Mar)(CNY), German Manufacturing PMI (Mar)(EUR), Manufacturing PMI (Mar)(GBP), CPI (YoY) (Mar)(EUR), Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Feb)(USD), ISM Manufacturing PMI (Mar)(USD).

  • Fed’s hawkish policy keeps the Dollar fit

    Fed’s eight rate hike had probably been anticipated since the start of policy tightening in 2015 and Powell did not disappoint investors this time. However, the Fed’s statement and Powell’s remarks were in contradiction with each other, which led to a racy price action of the FX market and bonds.

  • BoJ decision and export data curb Yen depreciation

    The Bank of Japan left the parameters of the monetary policy unchanged today, which is not surprising, given the lack of any decent inflation prospects. A little surprise was buried in the regulator’s statement, as the bank kept the wording about moderate GDP growth, which, coupled with the growth in export activity (data from Tuesday), revived trade in the yen and Japanese bonds.

  • EUR/USD: Going Up or Down?

    We discuss the reasons behind the sing currency’s likelihood of heading up. We also review the current state of British currency and Russian ruble.

  • The tariff war game is strong

    Chinese authorities reacted immediately after US’ tariff threats warning that Beijing will be taking retaliatory measures against imposed tariffs. The exchange of threats between the two largest economies is yet to stir uncontrollable panic, but it is likely that this calmness will only last until the first issues in the macroeconomic data

  • Gold plunges after a day of rallying

    Gold plunges after a day of rallying as the market sentiments are in a heavy dissent, Pound soars on Supreme Court decision and BoE.