• GBP/USD Is Heading South. What’s Next?

    There are rumours going on in the market that OPEC doesn’t have anything against the oil price trading at about 50-60 USD per barrel and about a chance that Brexit will have too rough of an impact upon the country.

  • The USD is falling down!

    The Euro, Pound and the Canadian Dollar are butting heads with the USD.

  • Second round for EUR/GBP!

    Eur/GBP managed to break the ascending channel, as the Kiwi is in the right spot for a sell off.

  • The aftershocks of FOMC!

    The FED did not raise interest rates last week, as it was anticipated by many market participants. As for the British currency, market operators keep shortening the long positions as the rest of market participants keep extending them.

  • EUR/GBP is ready to drop!

    The EUR/GBP has gone through some interesting stages in the past weeks and now it is at the prime point to be sold.

  • Elections have secured the USD/RUB

    As the State Duma elections took part this Sunday, we can assume that there are steady positions ahead for the Russian Ruble. At the same time, GPB shows very promising rise for the future.

  • S&P500 at a strong level

    The Crude oil is approaching the broken descending channel again, which is drawn in at the points 1 and 2.

  • The end of the summer sale is on with EUR/USD!

    The EUR/USD pair has moved to a very profitable point for different transactions. Along with that, the US500 index is showing interesting patterns that could be used for gains.

  • Is Kiwi under pressure?

    European index STOXX50 touched the broken ascending channel and horizontal level 3097.00 with dojis.

  • WTI Oil Signals Growth!

    WTI oil closed by white candle last Friday forming a gap in the clouds and touching broken descending channel, and 50% Fibonacci level extended along the last move.

  • How About Selling Euros Again?

    Euro rate touched the 3rd point of descending channel in the weekly chart.

  • Ms. Yellen has an upbeat look on a rate hike!

    The FED is closely watching what’s going to happen with the inflation, as nothing would increase the rate hike, if the inflation does not grow. Yellen has another opinion.

  • The USD is longing for Yellen’s visit to Jackson Hole!

    Considering the dollar’s dynamics, investors are expecting optimistic signals to come from the FED head.

  • The loonie and the ruble are holding on to the USD for growth!

    The Russian ruble has slowed down by the 63.50 level “drawing” close a small bullish engulfing as the CAD price broke the descending trend in the daily chart.

  • EUR/USD bearish after the release of the FOMC Minutes

    Again the US economy is without another rate hike.