The satisfactory fix of one of the main geopolitical risks looms as the POTUS said he was ready for a historic meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The meeting of the US and North Korean leaders will be the first in history and bodes well to unravelling the dilemma around Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

Kim Jong-Un is “inclined to denuclearize” and halt missile tests, head of the South Korean National Security Agency Chon Yi Yong told reporters on Thursday after meeting with Trump where he told the US president about the trip of the delegation of South Korea this week in Pyongyang.

“The meeting is planned,” Trump wrote on Twitter after a conversation with Chon Yi Yong. “Kim Jong-Un talked with representatives of South Korea about denuclearization, not just about freezing,” Trump wrote. “Besides, there are no missile tests of the DPRK during this period.” This is great progress, but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. ”

According to Chon Yi Yong, Trump accepted Kim Jong-Un’s offer and agreed to hold the meeting until May. A senior US official later said that it could take place in the next couple of months, the exact time and place are yet to be clarified.

In 2017, geopolitical conditions were strained over the DPRK, which was dedicated to developing a nuclear missile program despite the tightening of UN sanctions, peaked in a long time, and Trump warned Pyongyang that he was considering all options, including the military fix, without exception. Heightened risks support gold and other safe-haven assets, Asian stock markets have been under selling pressure because of escalation of the conflict.

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