Anxiety relieves over the future of Trump presidency, as the former FBI ex-head James Comey failed to provide any facts for his dismissal testimony and probe on alleged links between the Republican’s campaign headquarters and Russia.

However, the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee, haven´t been harmless for Trump. The former director of the FBI spoke in detail about the conversations with the president, which he considered as attempts to disrupt the investigation of a possible collusion of Trump’s campaign headquarters with Russia.

The ex-head of the bureau called “simple and obvious lie” Trump’s statement that there was chaos in the FBI, which was the reason for his dismissal on May 9. However, Comey solidified Trump’s and his allies position, confirming that he had told the president that he was not the object of the FBI investigation

Republicans close to Trump said that the president is very pleased with Comey’s testimony. In particular, because they confirm the president’s early statement that Comey had told him that there was no investigation with regard to the head of state.

New details on White House probe failed to trigger any significant reaction on Dollar, however, safe heavens retreated as Trump opposition seems to be running out of ammo to create pressure on the president clearing on uncertainty over his future as the head of state.

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