• Gold’s strategy is simple now – buy it before it grows

    Gold has bounced from the previously broken symmetrical triangle, which doubles as a pennent this week.

  • The Euro shows strong signals for future growth

    According to the COT CFTC reports, market operators have abruptly shrunk their short buy orders.

  • An impressive drop of USD/CAD and some thoughts about the Yuan

    We are waiting for the rates of the offshore Yuan (CHN) to reach our target levels.

  • EUR/USD, yo-ho-ho… and a barrel of oil

    As prices rise, more and more investors will be looking at shale oil, and vice versa.

  • STOXX50 and AUS200 are ready to grow

    We are waiting for USD/RUB to continue falling.

  • EUR/USD is ready to rally

    The Euro has returned to the previously broken daily ascending channel.

  • USD/RUB can’t wait to get below the 65 level

    There is an inverse flag shaped for the pair in the four-hour and day chart.

  • NZD/USD is still aiming for a drop

    Last week was all about Janet Yellen’s speech before the congress.

  • Gold gains weight, thanks to Janet Yellen’s speech

    Yellen stated that we should not expect a steep and quick rate increase – the US need weak currency to support their exports.

  • NZD/USD is ready to fall

    The price has formed a reverse bearish engulfment model, which is pressing against the broken daily channel…

  • USD/RUB: waiting for a drop from the current levels

    Just a few hours ago, the head of the Federal Reserve of New York told some interesting things that have sent the USD up north.

  • Possibilities for Gold and Commodities this week

    Last week Oil has continued a correction which can unexpectedly end with, for example, negative data from China.

  • Market after the quiet FOMC meeting

    We have pushed away from the strong support zone, therefore will be waiting for our next scenario

  • Ruble is strengthening… Will it last?

    Euro has bounced off the broken channel and is falling. Now we will seek sales after breaking on a pullback to the 1.0800 level. For now we are focusing on candlestick signals…