• Mars is in the right alignment for a global takeover.

    The famous Wall Street tycoon Warren Buffett decided to withdraw its share from the most famous brands of sweets and chewing gum in the United States – Mars and Wrigley.

  • Are aggressive trading robots endangering the market?

    Flash crashes in the forex market have started to appear with an alarming frequency as aggressive trading robots are well known for squeezing liquidity from the market. Flash crash seen on the GBP pairs during early Asian trading session caught most traders’ unprepared.

  • USD is propelled to new heights!

    USD rose to a 2 month high along with the PMI, which rose to a 11 month high

  • GBP/USD Is Heading South. What’s Next?

    There are rumours going on in the market that OPEC doesn’t have anything against the oil price trading at about 50-60 USD per barrel and about a chance that Brexit will have too rough of an impact upon the country.

  • The gold standards drop making the dollar gain profit

    The price of the bullion cut through the $1300 support level falling to a pre-Brexit as the Dollar gains strength ahead of the Non-Farm Payrolls.

  • Another brick in the wall

    While the British currency falls to a historic low the rest of the world gets a strong kick. European stocks propel into new highs along with the Dollar index. Even the housing market in the UK seems to forget Brexit happening.

  • Will the Union really be over in March 2017?

    The bearish pressure increased together with the uncertainty related to the official breakup of the EU as positive expextations for the NFP grow.

  • The USD is falling down!

    The Euro, Pound and the Canadian Dollar are butting heads with the USD.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week!

    Don’t miss out and see the full list here!

  • Will the Chinese economy stabilise?

    The Chinese financial markets will be closed for the next week due to national holidays.

  • The rise and fall of Deutsche Bank

    The bank’s predicaments stoked concerns about the stability of the country’s financial sector with a new wave of shares selloff.

  • The OPEC greases the wheels for oil!

    Despite the market scepticism and repeated statements that the Oil officials are not able to find a middle ground the OPEC members cut a deal.

  • Second round for EUR/GBP!

    Eur/GBP managed to break the ascending channel, as the Kiwi is in the right spot for a sell off.

  • Will Brexit be more painful for Europe rather than for the UK?

    Major shifts in the market ahead of the OPEC meeting in Algiers and Yellen testimonial.

  • Asian shares traded in green as Europe slowly plunges

    The Russian RTS extends its losing streak for the third day in a row sinking 0.79%; the Brazil Bovespa drops 1.10%. On top of that the European equities sunk along with the American shares.