• Is Ruble about go up?

    Is the time right to take long positions with the USD/RUB pair and is EUR/USD returning to the support zone again? Take a look.

  • Restoration of the US refineries is leading Oil growth

    Oil prices went into recovery on Tuesday after the Motiva Enterprises, the largest US refinery, partially resumed its oil refining operations. It is still unknow when they will be returning to the full capacity.

  • Is the Euro strengthening being “overdramatized” on the market?

    The demand for risk will remain limited until the ECB meeting on September 6, at which Mario Draghi will voice further guidance on the ECB’s monetary policy. The main speculations have revolved around the appreciation of the Euro and its impact on inflation and output growth.

  • Retail FX Industry Is About To Change

    The retail FX brokers are currently under visible stress because the profitability has decreased, the regulatory environment in the EU is getting much stricter and the competition in general is increasing globally.

  • Kim Jong-un is hungry for recognition

    The North Korean situation is slowly escalating, and even though neighboring countries want to put an end to this conflict, Kim Jong-un doesn´t seem keen on stopping. However, there is no guarantee that he will not dare to launch a real missile attack.

  • Is the European main index ready to move up?

    We discuss the reasons to keep an eye on the European index EURO STOXX 50. Take a look!

  • Key economic events of the next week

    Take a look at the important economic developments from the first week of September.

  • Markets ignore the weak inflation

    The steady growth of the economic activity in the Eurozone this year laid the foundation for restrictive measures of the Central Bank. Yet, the main obstacle remains as the unimportant inflationary front.

  • Key things to know ahead of the NFP release

    Let´s go over the key notions that should be taken into account before the NFP release.

  • Dollar is trying to take authority back

    The FED can not bring the inflation back to a comfortable level and investors have realized that the regulator might want the labor market to deliberately overheat in order to understand, where the Phillips curve will work again.

  • Where is the EUR/GBP heading?

    The EUR/GBP is forming a reverse candlestick pattern, so we are discussing the possible scenarios regarding this development. As well as, taking a look towards the USD/CAD.

  • The markets are taking a hit with the North Korean situation

    The threat of a military confrontation on the Korean peninsula has provoked a rise of risk on the world market. Stock markets of Europe and Asia went deep into the red zone.

  • Highlights of the Jackson Hole meeting!

    It seems as if the FED head used the Jackson Hole platform for “justification”, speaking in defense of his own post-crisis reforms, free trade, globalization. Take a look at all the main points that were presented at the meeting.

  • Is the GBP/USD about to go up?

    What should we do with the USD/JPY? Is there any reason to open long positions with the British Pound? Find out in our in-depth technical analysis.

  • Key economic takeaways of the upcoming week!

    The last week of August is upon us and, we can say that you can breathe easy on Monday, as there are no major economic events happening that might change the currency movements.