• Key economic reports of the upcoming week

    Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – CB Consumer Confidence (Mar)(USD). Wednesday, March 28, 2018 – GDP (QoQ) (Q4)(USD), Pending Home Sales (MoM) (Feb)(USD), Crude Oil Inventories(Oil). Thursday, March 29, 2018 – German Unemployment Change (Mar)(EUR), GDP (YoY) (Q4)(GBP), GDP (MoM) (Jan)(CAD). Friday, March 30, 2018 – Good Friday holiday Saturday, March 31, 2018 – Manufacturing PMI […]

  • Japan is causing trouble for the cryptocurrency

    The Japanese regulator issued a warning to the Hong Kong-based exchange for providing services to Japanese residents without a license.

  • Investors are worried about the trade wars

    The US President fulfilled his promise to “punish” China for an unfair trade policy and signed a resolution on the tariff introduction on Thursday. Beijing promised that in the likely event of a trade war, they will fight till the end.

  • An overview of the Fed meeting

    The US dollar extended losses after the Fed meeting, as the four rate hike rumours were not confirmed by economic forecasts or Powell’s comments. The expectations about Trump’s announcement of the tariff plan forced investors to cut wagers on the Asian stocks.

  • Is the Euro finally in a bearish state?

    The Euro seems to be shaking off it’s bullish momentum today, and transferring it on the Dollar instead.

  • Is there excessive optimism on the market?

    Investors are selling short-term bonds from the beginning of the week, as they are expecting an increase in the loans rate.

  • Is the new head of FED being reckless?

    The new head of the FED, Jeremy Powell, has a lot bolder approach compared to his predecessor Janet Yellen, who was known for her extreme action in the economic policy.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Take a look at what the new week has to offer!

  • Leadership of BoJ – confirmed!

    The monetary stimulus program launched by the Japanese Central Bank under the leadership of Haruhiko Kuroda in April 2013 is considered an integral part of the economic policy of the new Japanese government

  • Trump still keeps investors guessing

    The Dollar may post some meaningful response to тхэ University of Michigan Consumer Sentiments, housing permits (the data on residential investment, an important component of GDP ) and industrial production for February.

  • Is the US playing a victim

    The US will seek to reduce China’s net exports by $100 billion dollars, clarifying the details of the tweet made by the president last week. As one Chinese newspaper correctly noted, “The US masterfully plays itself a victim.”

  • Where is GBP/USD going to head?

    We ponder over the GBP/USD movements and take a look at Golds trajectory.

  • Another resignation leads to a new tariff

    It was naive to expect that Trump would limit himself to steel tariffs after Gary Cohn resigned. Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State has also resigned, and the news hit the wire that Trump plans to tax the Chinese imports with 60 billion dollars.

  • Does EIA data put pressure on the Oil?

    WTI and Brent futures declined in the last Asian session and then further receded to the opening levels as traders stand pat ahead of EIA commercial reserves data.

  • Will the week start on a rough patch for the Dollar?

    A relief rally took over Asian markets on Monday after the report on non-farm employment dispelled concerns over tbe US economic growth.