• Eurostat Shows EU Economy is on the Verge of Recession

    The eurozone economy posted record historical drop in 1Q due to measures introduced in March to curb the coronavirus epidemic, data showed on Friday.

  • Fed Starts to Experiment with the Corporate Bonds Market

    The Fed has finally lent a helping hand to the corporate bond market as $305 million of investment and junk bonds were added to its asset portfolio, showed weekly balance sheet update of the Fed, released on Thursday.

  • FX Beats: Major Pairs Outlook

    Jay Powell’s testimonial on Tuesday demonstrated the Fed’s intransigent position towards negative interest rates in the US. Meanwhile the assessment of economic prospects was rather gloomy, which together with NIRP comments resulted in a rather unbalanced and unusually dovish communication for a traditional centrist (which Jay Powell is), which disappointed market.

  • Oil and Gold: Review of the Key Drivers

    In gold, we observe some stabilization near $ 1,700 per troy ounce; technically, recent price action on 4H timeframe forms triangle, which is usually a sign of breakout.

  • Raising Price, Cutting Output: Mixed Signals from Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia underpinned oil mood on Monday announcing additional output cut by 1 million bpd. starting in June.

  • Real Unemployment Rate in the US Could be Much Higher

    Non-Farm Payrolls reports released on last Friday showed that US basic labor market metrics have deteriorated, albeit at a slower pace than expected.

  • Key economic events and reports of the coming week

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020 – Core CPI (MoM) (Apr)(USD).

  • EU Mulls over France’s Offer to Fuel Growth with more Debt

    Paris offered European Commission to issue bonds in order to finance the European Union Recovery Fund.

  • Oil Market and NFP Data Preview: What you Should Know Today

    The oil market found solid foothold from the output cuts by members of the OPEC+ pact, the nearest Brent contract has traded just above $30 per barrel while market contango has considerably reduced.

  • Trade Idea: More QE, Lower Sterling

    The Bank of England held a regular meeting today and decided to leave parameters of the monetary policy unchanged.

  • Second leg of Risk Assets Correction Creates Upside Risk in EURAUD

    EURAUD soared up by almost 3,000 points in March touching 1.98 level mirroring the flight from risk assets (stocks, commodities, HY bonds).

  • BoE Meeting: Why the Central Bank may Announce Extension of the QE?

    GBPUSD continued to see narrowing buyers’ surplus on Tuesday after failed retest of the April peak at 1.26500.

  • Unemployment Claims, ISM, World Gold Council Report: Data Digest

    We’ve got another piece of downbeat data from the US last week which indicated little signs of improvement in the course of the downturn.

  • Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

    Monday, May 4, 2020 – Caixin Manufacturing PMI (Apr)(CNY), German Manufacturing PMI (Apr)(EUR).

  • EU Data: Two weeks of Lockdown and -3.8% of GDP Decline in 1Q

    Recession in 2020 will go down in history as a deliberate economic sacrifice of governments in exchange of greatly reduced uncertainty.