• The tragedy in Brussels sent the Euro and European shares down, Crude Oil falls

    The rout in European equities deepens on the terrible incident in the heart of Europe.

  • Oil rally halts on renewed drilling activity in the US, Chinese stocks maintain upside momentum

    The revival of the fading oil industry in the US was predicted by many analysts.

  • The Fed loosens its grip on the monetary policy sending the Dollar down, Precious metals grow

    Yellen’s verdict was unfavorable for the US Dollar.

  • The Telegraph’s “Brexit” Survey triggers a sharp sell-off of the GBP

    The GBP declined by 0.94% against the US Dollar.

  • The US Dollar gains strength ahead of the Fed’s decision

    It’s clear that the US Dollar gains strength against all majors well ahead of the Fed Rate decision on March 16.

  • Oil price gains upside momentum, European stocks rise on new stimulus measures

    European stocks pick up, as investing costs became cheaper with the new ECB policy.

  • Oil prices continue to rise, the US Dollar strengthens

    Oil prices are confidently heading to the $40 level.

  • The US Dollar falls ahead of the NFP data, stocks maintain bullish outlook, as Oil keeps its gains

    The US Dollar turned to a defensive stance on Thursday against its major international peers.

  • The glut on the Crude Oil market deepens, Asian markets advance

    Oil had a rocky session on Wednesday, despite strong bearish signals from the Energy Information Agency.

  • Oil gains slow down, the confidence in Asian and European stocks fades away, safe havens surge

    The biggest Oil producing nations will hold a meeting in the middle of March, where output talks will be resumed.

  • Chinese Indices lose 6%, as investors get rid of their positions ahead of the G-20 summit

    Investors get rid of their positions to protect themselves from volatility.

  • Iran considers Oil output restriction plan “ridiculous”, equity panic resumes

    Saudi-Russian proposal to cap Oil output didn’t find adequate support from Iran.

  • Oil extends its decline, US Dollar strengthens ahead of Consumer Confidence data

    Crude Oil futures surrendered their prior gains during European session on Tuesday.

  • Bond markets recover, as credit risks calm down, Oil rises ahead of the EIA data

    European bonds take a break from eight consecutive days of decline, as credit risks finally calms down.

  • Oil reserves continue to grow, the mining industry is feeling better than ever, but the USD is in decline

    European and Asian indices have re-ignited their appetite for mining and energy companies.