• European stocks recover after Brussels, Oil plunges as API disappoints

    European markets seems to have shrugged off after the Brussels attacks on Tuesday.

  • Crude Oil oversupply may be aggravated by speculations, the US Dollar recovers losses

    The US Dollar recovers losses against all majors.

  • The Telegraph’s “Brexit” Survey triggers a sharp sell-off of the GBP

    The GBP declined by 0.94% against the US Dollar.

  • The US Dollar gains strength ahead of the Fed’s decision

    It’s clear that the US Dollar gains strength against all majors well ahead of the Fed Rate decision on March 16.

  • Oil prices continue to rise, the US Dollar strengthens

    Oil prices are confidently heading to the $40 level.

  • The US Dollar falls ahead of the NFP data, stocks maintain bullish outlook, as Oil keeps its gains

    The US Dollar turned to a defensive stance on Thursday against its major international peers.

  • The glut on the Crude Oil market deepens, Asian markets advance

    Oil had a rocky session on Wednesday, despite strong bearish signals from the Energy Information Agency.

  • The US Dollar rallies after solid manufacturing ISM data, Asian stocks surge

    The USD bulls have strong grounds to stand by their bets, and Tuesday’s Manufacturing ISM data proved they are on the right track.

  • Oil gains slow down, the confidence in Asian and European stocks fades away, safe havens surge

    The biggest Oil producing nations will hold a meeting in the middle of March, where output talks will be resumed.

  • Iran encourages output freeze plans, AUD drops on increased unemployment rate

    Collapsing energy market saw a glimmer of hope for a rebound due to positive fundamental shifts that happened this week.

  • Major Oil exporters agree to maintain January’s production level

    Rumors of a production cut have cut Oil prices by over 10% last Friday.

  • The Fed Rate liftoff is fair, if NFP data turns out weak, WTI surges

    The Wednesday ISM report revealed significant slowdown in business activity in the US service sector.

  • Events are not in favour of Oil’s growth

    Oil’s longest upward streak halts as China’s industry sector keeps slowing down and OPEC maintains high pumping volumes despite global surplus.