• The oil price is exceeding the markets expectations

    The oil prices climb to a three-week high as, which is now reaching almost 10%. Even though the gain is visible then experts are looking for balance.

  • When will the FED clear up the intentions of a possible monetary tightening in the US within this year?

    Stanley Fischer claimed that the state of US economy should be somewhere near its targets – full employment and 2% inflation., which made the dollar rebound.

  • Crude extends gains on weak US currency, Brexit concerns send GBP down

    The GBP drops by 0.80% against the US Dollar.

  • Kuwait changes its pricing policy to gain a new edge in the oil market competition

    As the rivalry on the energy market toughens and it becomes harder to defend the market share.

  • Oil bulls jump at the chance to join ascending trend

    Oil prices attempt to rebound on Friday.

  • Weale denies possible rate cuts as Carney says the risks are “crystalizing”

    In contrast to the 2008 turmoil Weale does not see panic rising in the financial markets.

  • Markets turn temporarily bullish on Oil gains

    Energy futures show solid growth on Tuesday.

  • Sterling is caught in a vortex

    The gloomy anticipations over the Hard Brexit fallout rose once again with the statement of UK Ministry of Finances estimating the blow to the UK economy from 38B to 66B pounds in a year.

  • One currency to rule them all

    The Dollar is showing tremendous growth as it hikes to a four-month peak against all other major currencies.

  • BoE predicts a dark future for the UK economy

    The indicators in the UK have all fallen sharply, in most cases to levels last seen in the financial crisis, and in some cases even to all-time lows.

  • Oil retreats slightly after yesterday’s gains, GBP drops after Carney’s speech, JPY strengthens

    After rising by 6% on Monday, both Brent and WTI retreated.

  • FOMC minutes report increased chances of a rate hike in June, Oil retreats

    Investors were cautious of the growing possibility that the Fed might lift the rates in June.

  • Is a rate hike in September really possible?

    The New Zealand Dollar fell sharply against its American peer as the US Dollar is still recovering from a heavy selloff.

  • Oil rally fizzles out as OPEC efforts seen sterile

    Oil rally fizzles out as OPEC efforts seen sterile, as greenback flatlines after Draghi-fueled growth.

  • OPEC alliance stuck a global agreement

    OPEC strikes the deal sending prices to a new powerful rally. The Dollar declines, as the focus is on the equities of the energy sector.