• The missile launch of North Korea ceased to frighten the markets

    The launch of the ballistic missile by North Korea on Friday did not have a noticeable effect on market sentiment, as traders are entirely focused on the Fed meeting next week.

  • A U-turn in the market?

    The chances of a rate hike in December suddenly rose above 50%, as the markets felt that the FED is convinced in a temporary inflation slowdown.

  • The inflation in the US can be underestimated

    The growing gap between wages and inflation requires the BoE to shift it´s focus from the long-term political consequences to current economic problems. However, today the rate increase is unlikely.

  • There are dark clouds over GBP/USD!

    We ponder what is going to happen with silver and whether it is a right time to sell GBP/USD.

  • Politics and economy pull the Bank of England in different directions

    The British economy “pulled out of the pack” a very unpleasant combination: weak wage growth + accelerating inflation.

  • Oil, Dollar and the desperate BoE

    The S&P 500 index seems to depend only on the positive news while updating records. The Dollar remains in a limbo, as sellers made a halt after a long descent, while the FED situation remains very uncertain.

  • The Dollar is back on growth track. But for how long?

    It is unlikely that growth of new short positions will happen before the Friday’s inflation data. The decline in global risks has prompted investors to take interest in risky assets, forcing part of open sales to be closed against the Dollar.

  • One more reason to buy USD/RUB!

    The last signals regarding the USD/RUB pair reinforced our ideas, so what should we do? Take a look now.

  • Key economic events of the upcoming week

    Take a look at the important economic developments from the first next week.

  • North Korea and a the weak Dollar are leading Gold to new heights

    On Friday, Gold prices swayed around the highest level of this year against the backdrop of the weak Dollar and persisting anxiety around the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

  • Crystal clear on the outlook, vague on measures

    Despite the rumours about the overly strong common currency, Draghi did not involve himself in talking down its growth.

  • FED Vice President Stanley Fischer leaves his post

    Stanley Fischer is leaving the FED, “zeroing” the trajectory calculation of the Fed’s policy for the near future.

  • Is Ruble about go up?

    Is the time right to take long positions with the USD/RUB pair and is EUR/USD returning to the support zone again? Take a look.

  • Restoration of the US refineries is leading Oil growth

    Oil prices went into recovery on Tuesday after the Motiva Enterprises, the largest US refinery, partially resumed its oil refining operations. It is still unknow when they will be returning to the full capacity.

  • Is the Euro strengthening being “overdramatized” on the market?

    The demand for risk will remain limited until the ECB meeting on September 6, at which Mario Draghi will voice further guidance on the ECB’s monetary policy. The main speculations have revolved around the appreciation of the Euro and its impact on inflation and output growth.