• Chart of the Day US500 (S&P500)

    Chart of the Day US500 (S&P500) US500 (S&P500)  Potential Reversal Zone – Probable Price Path Risk retreat? The S&P500 broke a five day winning streak and retreated 1.08%, led by airlines, while VIX rose to 29.43. Fed’s Bostic warned that business leaders and consumers are getting worried about the second Covid-19 wave as there is […]

  • USDCHF Falls Amidst Bearish Fed Comments

    Fed’s Daly Warns of “Bumpier” Recovery Comments from some members of the Fed this week have stoked expectations of further easing from the US central bank as it continues to battle the negative economic impact of COVID-19. San Francisco Fed president Mary Daly warned on Tuesday that the loss of employment in areas such as […]

  • Daily Commodity Outlook, July 8 2020

    Asian stocks traded mixed in early Wednesday after their U.S. peers declined on renewed concerns over the epidemic’s economic impact. . The tech-heavy Nasdaq dropped from a record intraday high, while airlines and hotels were particularly hard hit. It is a calendar light day for Wednesday and investors are looking at the China stock market […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, July 08, 2020

    Daily Market Outlook, July 08, 2020  Market mixed in Asia with risk sentiment generally subdued. The US government announced plans for a further $1trn of stimulus. Fed Vice Chairman Clarida indicated that the central bank will probably adopt additional forward guidance and asset purchases if needed. Both the Fed’s Mester and Bostic said that economic […]

  • Tickmill’s Investing Diva, GBPUSD Daily Outlook 08-07-20

    Catch up on all the latest updates on global markets and price movements by following Tickmill’s Investing Diva Daily Market Outlook.

  • Big Surprise from ISM Data Stokes Inflation Concerns in the US

    European markets trimmed Monday gains, USD recovered some lost ground after yesterday sell-off as the uncertainty remains high associated with the partial reinstation of lockdown in the United States.

  • USDCNH Falls As US/China Tensions Rise

    Fresh Sanctions Coming? Tensions between the US and China are at risk of boiling over once again this week as President Trump reportedly prepares to announce fresh sanctions against China. Speaking with reporters this week, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said: “We’ve got a number of executive orders. We’re looking at how we […]

  • The IndeX Files 07-07-2020

    Investors Shrugging Off Virus Concerns Global equities benchmarks started the week in a positive manner with most indices rallying on Monday. However, gains have proved short lived and sentiment has soured somewhat on Tuesday as emerging risk factors temper bullish momentum. The chief concern among investors currently is that of a potential second wave of […]

  • Chart of the Day AUDUSD

    Chart of the Day AUDUSD AUDUSD  Potential Reversal Zone – Probable Price Path AUD: As expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia kept rates and its policy stance on hold today. Highlights from the statement include: (a) despite the pace of asset purchases having decreased lately, the Bank is ready to scale them up again if […]

  • Daily Market Outlook, July 07, 2020 

    Daily Market Outlook, July 07, 2020  Asian equity market performance was mixed this morning with China up strongly again but other markets are down or showing more modest gains. Threats from the White House of potential actions against China were reported as causing unrest. US Labour Secretary Scalia said the economic recovery has been “better […]

  • Daily Commodity Outlook, July 7 2020

    Asian stocks traded mixed on Tuesday after another strong rally session in the U.S.. Shares dipped in Japan while Chinese stocks continued to outshine. Nasdaq is pushed to a new high with a further rally of tech stocks. Investors realized that although the reality isn’t very optimistic, it is not as bad as people thought […]

  • Tickmill’s Investing Diva, USDJPY Daily Outlook 07-07-20

    Catch up on all the latest updates on global markets and price movements by following Tickmill’s Investing Diva Daily Market Outlook.

  • Precious Metals Monday 06-07-2020

    Gold The gold market has seen a listless start to the week with prices remaining subdued though not far below the 2020 highs. Equities markets have started the week with strong conviction following last week’s record jobs number for May which saw just shy of 5 million new jobs being created over the month. However, […]

  • Chart of The Day EURCAD

    Chart of the Day EURCAD EURCAD  Potential Reversal Zone – Probable Price Path Global economic data is generally better than expected, and market sentiment continues to improve. In the United States, the financial market were closed Friday, and flows in the foreign exchange market decreased. The US dollar index fell by more than 0.1% Friday, […]

  • Tickmill’s Investing Diva, NZDUSD Daily Outlook 06-07-20

    NZDUSD Daily Outlook 06-07-20 – Last Friday the NZD was among the top-performing major currencies and it continued its bullish momentum to Monday’s Asian session after a long weekend for the USD traders. Meanwhile, Coronavirus researchers continue to compete for vaccine test objects, making a push to recruit tens of thousands of healthy volunteers for […]