• Will unemployment stay at record lows?

    According to economists, the US labor market will expand by 200K new jobs, after rising to 261K in October.

  • Is gold about to head up?

    Is the GBP/USD looking South again, while Gold is looking for the right direction?

  • Bulls are not happy about the tax reforms

    The House of Representatives and the Republicans have to “verify” their versions of the tax reform and the market believes that this will not cause problems. A large part of the tax reductions attributed to corporations are deferred until 2019, so investors are increasingly skeptical about the stimulating effect of the reform.

  • The US Dollar is on a stand-by

    The House of Representatives voted on Monday to begin negotiations with the Senate, which brought the Republicans one step closer to reform.

  • Markets try to make light of the US fiscal reform

    The Senate vote on Saturday had a positive outcome for the Trump fiscal initiative, which pushes for sharp tax cuts (around 35% to 20%) for companies, as well as tax incentives for individuals.

  • UK’s Brexit progress drives Pound higher

    Latest data showes that business activity in UK manufacturing sector outstripped the market anticipations. This report shows signs of progress in the UK and EU negotiations.

  • A look into the US Fiscal Reform

    The Dollar was able to recover losses, and stock markets rose after supporters of the bill were able to get Senator John McCain into their ranks, which, incidentally, opposed the failed healthcare reform.

  • The US output growth rate surprised the markets

    The output growth rate in the US economy was higher than expected, reaching a three-year high.

  • A deep-dive into BITCOIN!

    After the major Bitcoin events we take a look a deep-dive into the cryptocurrency to get a better understanding of it’s potential direction.

  • Will the markets be surprised by the tax reform?

    The British Pound jumped by almost a percentage point against the Dollar and showed less superiority over the European currency amid the Brexit process. The UK is on the verge of settling disputes with the EU, where the “forfeit” amount will be 44-55 billion Euros.

  • Dollar got support from the appointment of the new FED leader

    Oil prices fell on Tuesday amid the uncertainty associated with the OPEC meeting this week. This will show the the quota for production of the cartel oil producers.

  • Market instability is growing

    Gold is growing against the increased risks backdrop ahead of the discussion around resumption of the tax reform. The metal has risen in price by 0.5% to $ 1.293 and looks like seriously aiming the $1,300 mark.

  • Is the fall of the Chinese stock market temporary?

    China’s blue chip index, the Shanghai Composite, fell 0.39% on Friday, while Japanese Hang Seng rose 0.28%. the Chinese index lost 3%, recording the largest decline since the market collapse in January 2016.

  • The outsider of the week – USD

    EUR/USD reached the 1.1850 level this week, which is the maximum since the beginning of October.

  • Bearish signals take the market

    On Thursday, bears slowed down, as the average Dollar index is waiting for the release of the ECB protocol at the meeting discussing Octobers results.