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  • Is The UK Close To Exiting Brexit Trade Talks?

    Trade Talks At Risk The outlook for the UK economy looks to be worsening with UK newspapers reporting a warning from Downing Street sources that the UK is close to giving up on trade talks with the EU. The UK and EU are currently in a set of negotiations aimed at delivering a trade deal […]

  • Johnson Pushing For Brexit Trade Deal in July

    PM Rejoins Trade Talks With the UK and Eurozone member nations now moving swiftly out of lockdown, focus has begun to shift way from the battle against the virus and onto other fundamental matters. Among these, Brexit trade talks have returned to the limelight as both sides step up their calls for a deal to […]

  • UK/US Trade Talks Begin (Remotely!)

    First Round Talks Underway In a sign that countries are beginning to look beyond the current COVID-19 situation and begin focusing on resources on other issues once again, the US/UK trade talks got underway this week. The talks, which have begun remotely between the UK’s international trade secretary Liz Truss and the US trade representative […]

  • UK PM Returns Following COVID-19 Recovery

    UK Lock-down Adjustments Coming Boris Johnson’s return to office this week, following two weeks of recovery from COVID-19, during which time Dominic Raab deputised for him, marks a significant step in the UK’s journey back from the depths of lock-down hell. Despite the UK officially being under stay-at-home orders until May 7th, there has been […]

  • Brexit Trade Talks Resume Amidst COVID Crisis

    Brexit Rears Its Ugly Head Once More If it is true that there must be a silver lining in all time of hardship, perhaps the only upside to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is that at least media coverage has a new topic to bombard us all with and we haven’t had to hear about Brexit […]

  • Pressure Mounts on UK PM To Extend Transition Phase Deadline

    EU/UK Trade Talks Fall From Spotlight With the COVID-19 crisis raging, the trade negotiations between the EU and the UK have understandably taken a back seat in terms of urgency. With the talks due to have started in February, but so far only seeing the initial statements from both sets of leaders, there are questions […]

  • Campaign Calls for Review of New BOE Appointment

    Andrew Bailey is set to take over as the governor of the Bank of England in March, with Mark Carney handing over the reins. Typically, the changing over of this role is smooth given that policymakers have already elected the incoming governor and the market is aware of the change well ahead of time. However, […]

  • Brexit Trade Talks On The Rocks Already?

    Leaders Clash Over Demands The outlook for the UK and EU has deteriorated a little this week as fears mount over the trade-standoff between the UK and the EU. Following the very disparate visions set out by UK and EU leaders in opening statements a few weeks ago, tensions increased this week as UK and […]

  • The IndeX Files 21-01-2020

    Buy The Rumour, Sell The Fact? Global equities benchmarks are trading just off their recent highs this week with North American, Asian and European indices all in the red. The moves is likely down to a “buy the rumour, sell the fact dynamic which is playing out on the back of the US and China […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 16

    Key Points From This Week US – Iran Tensions Subside The week started off in bad shape with risk markets selling off as tensions between the US and Iran escalated. During speeches made during a day of mourning for slain Iranian general Soleimani, Iranian leaders vowed to take revenge on the US. Late on Tuesday […]

  • Top Market Themes 2020

    Rather frustratingly, it seems that many of the big themes set to dominate 2020 will really be an extension of the stories that took centre stage over 2019. US-Sino Trade Negotiations. With an initial trade deal in place, focus will now shift on to the second round of negotiations. The first trade deal is due […]

  • Best Performing Currencies 2019

    British Pound 3.84% It’s been a classic comeback story for the pound this year. After spending three months in free-fall against the dollar, spiralling lower from 1.33 – 1.20 (which actually made it the wort performing currency of the year at the time) the pound has since made an impressive recovery back above the 1.30 […]

  • The IndeX Files 31-12-2019

    Equities End The year At Highs Global benchmark equities end the year well into highs with asset markets around the globe celebrating the beginning of the end for the US-Sino trade war, the evasion of a hard-Brexit in the UK and the still-low money market rates across the G10. The US and China have now […]

  • Running Through The Top Market Themes Of 2019

    US-Sino Trade War The year began positively between the US and China. Following a truce agreed at the G20 summit in November 2018, both sides were engaged in trade talks aimed at delivering a trade deal ahead of the March 29th deadline given by president Trump. Over Q1 risk assets traded positively as media reporting […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 23-12-2019

    Gold The final trading week of the year is typically a quiet one and while no major moves are expected in the metals, there are some important developments worth noting as we head into 2020. Firstly, the continued rally in equities looks set to keep pressure on gold as the US-Sino trade negotiations move onto […]