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  • Fed’s Powell Warns of Second Wave Risks

    Risks To The Outlook The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, last night gave yet another warning over the fragile state of the US economy and his concern over the outlook. In his weekly testimony to Congress, Powell’s message this time around centred on the threat of a second wave of the virus. Powell […]

  • Weekly Market Outlook 29-06-20

    In this Weekly Market Outlook 29-06-20, our analyst looks into the trading week ahead, possible market moving data releases across the globe and the technical analysis to accompany it!  Disclaimer: The material provided is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. The views, information, or opinions expressed in the […]

  • US Manufacturing Still Soft In June

    June PMIs Underperform Following a strong set of Eurozone and UK manufacturing readings yesterday, which both beat expectations, the US bucked the trend. The flash manufacturing PMI reading for June printed 49.6 which, while it still marked a solid improvement from the prior month’s 39.8 reading, it was below the expected 50 level and means […]

  • Fed Warnings Continue While Trump Mulls Fresh Stimulus

    Fed watchers have been treated to plenty of interesting commentary this week which has been worth paying attention to, especially considering the movements we’ve been seeing in the dollar and in equities markets. With the US economy having suffered a record crash over Q2, the outlook among Fed members has become increasingly uncertain and with […]

  • BOJ Ramps Up Purchases, Warns Of Second Wave Risks

    The Bank of Japan this week reiterated its view that the Japanese economy, the third largest globally, is on course to gradually recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to further support the recovery, the BOJ announced that it will be extending its corporate funding support from $700 billion (which the bank announced last […]

  • The IndeX Files 16-06-2020

    Second Wave Fears Foil Equities Rally Global equities benchmarks have begun the week with an offered tone as growing concerns over a potential second wave of the virus in the US take focus. With mass reopening well underway across the US, many states have been reporting a steady increase in infection rates over recent weeks […]

  • Why Are Equities Indices Reversing?

    US Equities Concede Gains Headlines and sentiment over the last month have been increasingly positive with and more optimism being attached to the tentative recovery underway in the US. However, if the recent stock market rally felt a little too good to be true, then price action over the last couple of days will have […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 38

    Key Points from This Week Fed Delivers Warning Message At the June FOMC this week, the Fed held its monetary policy at current levels. However, the statement and comments following the meeting were decidedly dovish with Fed chairman Powell warning the markets that the economic recovery from the covid-19 crisis would not be quick or […]

  • The IndeX Files 09-06-2020

    US Jobs Number Raises Recovery Hopes While global equities benchmarks remain broadly supported, upside momentum has stalled a little this week following a bumper US jobs report on Friday. The NFP for May came in at a record 2.5 million. This reading was in stark contrast to the -7.5 million figure expected and reflects a […]

  • Precious Metals Monday 08-06-2020

    Gold Gold prices are starting the week with a bid tone as price continues to recover off the 1668.91 level support tested last week. The man story for now is the dramatic rebound in the US jobs number seen on Friday. Following a record plunge of -20.5 million jobs in April, the market was expecting […]

  • The Investment Bank Outlook 08-06-2020

    In our Investment Bank Outlook each week, we bring you a selection of perspectives from leading investment banks to outline the key issues and directional views for the week ahead. These excerpts, taken from research notes, will cover issues such as key market themes, economic releases, as well as any major trends and levels to […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 37

    Key Points from This Week US Civil Unrest Intensifies Black Lives Matter protests, which sprung up in the wake of the killing of unarmed, black-American George Floyd last week, have raged for 10 nights now. Sprawling across more than 141 cities the protests have been met with a highly aggressive response from the police force […]

  • BOJ Follows in Fed’s Footsteps

    New Lending Facility The Bank of Japan announced further measures this week in its fight against deflation in the country. Following in the footsteps of the Fed, at the emergency meeting held over-night, the BOJ announced a new program aimed at boosting lending for small businesses. Along with the new measures the BOJ also announced […]

  • The Friday Forex Takeaway – Episode 35

    Key Points From This Week Trump Steps Up Rhetoric Against China The ongoing tensions between the US and China dominated the early part of the week with Trump stepping up threats against the world’s second-largest economy over its alleged role in the COVID-19 outbreak. Trump has threatened china with the cancellation of the current trade […]

  • US Administration Accused of Risking Workers’ Lives

    Diverging Views It is fair to say that the relationship between the Fed and the US administration has not been a particularly pleasant one over the course of the current presidency. Following Powell’s appointment as Fed chairman, Trump has consistently criticised both the central bank and Powell personally for now acting to ease monetary policy […]