In the daily chart, Bitcoin has approached the key 4924.93 level and stopped next to it. Such levels frequently signify a false breakout. In this case, we can assume that Bitcoin might be about to test the level 5000. In principle, the candlestick patterns could be trying to “shape” the Southern scenario, but at this stage, any fall in digital currency’s exchange rate can be considered as a correction:


In the daily chart, the Australian Dollar managed to break the neckline of the double top and is now jumping off it. Of course, we should see whether today’s candlestick is going to close by a shooting star as that could imply that the pair’s price might be going down. As we can see from the chart, this looks quite plausible so we could expect the pair’s price to go down tomorrow:

Двойная вершина – The double top


In the daily chart, the price of the Russian currency is forming the pattern, which pretty much resembles a flag. The double top has formed above the flag, and that makes this flag stronger, establishing the target level of 55 Rubles per Dollar:

Двойная вершина – The double top

Флаг – The flag

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